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The name or term Spark refers to more than one character or idea. For a list of other meanings, see Spark (disambiguation).

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Rhinox and Cheetor assist a downed stasis pod and the damaged protoform within.

Japanese title: ハヤブサ 戦士 エアラザー (Hayabusa Senshi: Airazor "The Falcon Warrior: Airazor")


In orbit around the planet, the next Protoform stasis pod of the series is clipped by a piece of space debris, causing the pod to descend to the surface. Tarantulas detects it first, but Megatron ominously catches on, and dispatches Scorponok and Blackarachnia to capture it.

Meanwhile, Rhinox happens to be scouting the landing area in beast mode, observing that the local raw Energon deters the Predacons from properly fortifying the terrain. He witnesses the pod descending and, unable to radio for support, goes to recover the pod by himself. In another area, Cheetor sees the pod and, after radioing the news to Tigatron, heads to where he anticipates the pod will land.

Rhinox, who's location is nearest to the pod, gets a head start on seeing to it, but finds that because of the local Energon, his robot mode is in risk of damage from prolonged exposure to the Energon radiation. What's worse is that the Protoform within the pod could soon expire if the pod itself isn't soon repaired.

Tigatron hears and spots Scorponok heading for the pod before he ambushes and literally stops him cold in his tracks, but Blackarachnia paralyzes and gives Tigatron a nice, long rest with a dose of her cyber-venom.

Cheetor arrives at the landing crater, and Rhinox tells him that his body contains a component the pod needs to save the Protoform. Cheetor voluntarily deactivates himself to allow Rhinox to harvest the hardware that will protect the new Maximal from Energon radiation damage. While in deep sleep, Cheetor envisions himself learning about the concept of a Transformer spark from Rhinox. After Cheetor reactivates, a tense Rhinox installs the chip and gives the dormant Transformer a second chance.

Blackarachnia arrives and exchanges trash talk with Cheetor as she battles him, while he uses his robot mode conservatively. Cheetor manages to shove her own venom dart into her forehead, giving her a taste of her own medicine. His next opponents are an aerial tag-team: Waspinator and Terrorsaur. With his robot mode pushed to the max and the situation now 2 to 1, Cheetor uses his beast mode to draw the two fliers away.

Rhinox tries to interface his own systems with the stasis pod to assist the Protoform, but is disconnected by feedback and is left trapped in his own beast mode now that the feedback has jolted his Energon field dampeners out of commission.

Cheetor fries Waspinator with some maneuvering around one of the local natural energon geysers. However, Terrorsaur is able to score a direct hit on Cheetor, and proceeds to the now-unprotected pod. At the last possible moment, the pod scans a bird circling overhead, providing the biological information needed to complete the new Maximal.

The fresh-from-case Transformer drags Terrorsaur for a ride away from the crash site. His attempts to fry the bird with gunfire are dodged, albeit with slight the shedding of some feathers. Announcing her name to be Airazor, the new Maximal blasts the Predacon to pieces, giving Terrorsaur his turn in the humourous 'deaths' department.

Back at the Axalon, Rhinox and Cheetor introduce the rest of the Maximals to their new friend.


Scorponok: "There it is! Just as Megatron said!"
Blackarachnia: "(Mockingly) "Just as Megatron said! Just as Megatron said!" Don't you ever get tired of grovelling to that saurian?"
Scorponok: "Megatron is our leader! He rewards loyalty and punishes those who oppose his will!"
Blackarachnia: "Ooh! I'm all a-quiver!"

{M-}}Scorponok's lecture on loyalty and opposition amongst Predacon ranks

Scorponok: "Now where's that sour spider gone!?"
(Tigatron emerges out of hiding)
Tigatron: "Scorponok!"
Scorponok: "Gasp!" (Click click!)
Tigatron: "Where are you headed in such a hurry?"
Scorponok: "Bah, I'll tell you nothing, Maximal! Scorponok: TERRORI-"
(Tigatron freezes Scorponok)

Scorponok can finally cool his jets at long last...

"What's new, Pussycat?"
"RHINOX! I didn't expect to find you here! A Spark!"
"Yep! The very that makes us what we are... When a Spark goes online, there is great joy. When one is extinguished, the universe weeps."

Cheetor & Rhinox

(The Energon guysers) "What a lovely spot for the birth of a new Predacon!"
"Don't count on it, web-breath! By the way, how do you dance with all those skinny legs?"
"Ugh, this must be my day for cats!"
"You'll have to be faster than that to bag this cat!"
"You don't know what fast is, furball!"
"I know what ugly is... AND YOU'RE IT!"
(Cheetor buries Blackarachnia)
"Fast cat: 1, spider: zippo!"

Cheetor Vs. Blackarachnia

"Come out, kitty cat! I won't hurt you... much!"

Blackarachnia tries to call Cheetor out of hiding...

"Airazor: MAXIMIZE!!"

—Airazor's very first words...


Writers: Larry DiTillio
Original Air Date: November 11, 1996

Featured Characters

(Numbers indicate order of appearance.)

Maximals Predacons


  • This is the debut appearance of Airazor.
  • This episode also introduced and defined the concept of Sparks to the Transformer mythos.
  • Tarantulas snickers to himself after detecting the pod. It's possible that had Megatron not taken notice, Tarantulas would have secured the pod for his own purposes, as he tried to do when Inferno's pod landed.
  • When Blackarachnia takes down Tigatron with her cyber venom her predacon logo is missing from her collar.
  • Dinobot was not shown nor mentioned in this episode.
Waspinator's "death"
  • Waspinator gets blown up by an energon geyser.