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Starscream's horrific plan is revealed, and a ragtag band of Autobots is all that stands between him and galactic conquest!


The new All Spark Cube is nearly completed, as Starscream continues to make preparations in his plan to rebuild the planet of Cybertron. In the process of chiseling the hieroglyphics on the new All Spark cube, The Autobot, Grindcore collapses from exhaustion. The Autobot, Warpath, concerned about the well-being of his comrade, tries to help him up, but is immediately incapacitated by two Payload Drones. Warpath begins to express his discontent when the Decepticon, Stockade shows up and kicks him, he tells the Payload drones to get him back to work and make more room on the line, because Dreadwing is gathering more help.

Occurring simultaneously, the Autobot, Signal Flare flees for his life through a desolate wasteland when Dreadwing warps in front of him and knocks him out with a single punch. He then contacts Starscream via built-in communicator and informs him of the new "test subject" that he just acquired. Starscream commends Dreadwing for his excellent work and informs him that they are almost ready to begin.

Meanwhile, in the Decepticon capital city of Trypticon, Starscream, having only been Supreme ruler of the Decepticons for nearly a quartex, and still some oppose his rule, he begins to wonder if they will ever realize the good that he will bring them. Starscream begins to imagine a world without factions or needless sacrifices. Starscream promises Cybertron a new start, a fresh beginning for a dying planet. With the new All Spark cube, he plans to unite all of Cybertron under his rule and make Cybertronians a proud species again once the planet has been restored. Starscream then declares that Cybertron has been wanting for a leader like him to restore her power, declaring himself to be her champion, as he welcomes all who wish to serve him, and as for those who wish to oppose him, Starscream simply states "Let them try." As Starscream ends his narrative, a Decepticon cruiser makes port at the Docking station on the outskirts of Trypticon.

Two drones disembark the space cruiser at Trypticon, the Dreadwing drone initiates an inquiry of an audio anomaly, while the Payload drone maintains security protocol. The Dreadwing drone, having turned up nothing on the audio anomaly begins an analysis of the ship surface. He detects an intruder and attempts to notify Master Dreadwing. The Payload drone, on the other hand is not so lucky, as he asks the Dreadwing drone to repeat the last transmission, he is eviscerated by the Autobot, Arcee. The Dreadwing drone also meets a similar end. Arcee muses on being back home but doesn't like the feeling, and begins to think that it may have been best for her to have remained on Mars.

She flashes back to the moment when Starscream suckerpunched her, she thought that her life functions were going to stop, but instead she just went blank, and when she came to, she saw that Thundercracker and Starscream were preparing to leave, so, against her common sense, she grabbed onto a piece of the landing gear as it was taking off. Arcee had hoped to break into the ship before the beam from the space bridge connected with the ship, because she thought that the warp beam would only affect a ship and its hull, anything not fused to the ship would not teleport, she was wrong, piece of terrain and anything else that happened to be within a specific range was transported along with the ship, allowing her to hitch a ride back to Cybertron. Arcee, in the midst of her self-loathing due to her recent failure to prevent the destruction of four of her Autobot comrades goes off in search of a safe zone, or a place where she would be able to regroup with an Autobot, she states that most of the Autobots had left with Optimus Prime, but some Autobots had chosen to stay behind, and that she hopes that she can find them.

Back at Lord Starscream's palace, Starscream is condemning the Decepticon, Wreckage, who had been rebuilt by Sector Seven for their own purposes, for telling Sector Seven everything about Cybertronians. First Megatron,then Wreckage, Starscream begins to wonder just how many more have betrayed the Decepticon cause. Dreadwing walks in and informs Starscream that he has returned, Starscream tersely acknowledges his presence and asks if the cube is finally ready. Dreadwing tells him that it is and the only ones who know are himself, Starscream, Stockade, and the unlucky workers who were forced to build it. Starscream commends Dreadwing, and decides that the time to activate it has come. Meanwhile, at the cube construction site the enslaved Autobots try to negotiate their release with their Decepticon captors. Ramjet bluntly states that if any of them tried to run, they would be liquefied and states that they have no idea how important they are. Signal Flare is having trouble trying to get a distress signal out, he asks Warpath if he is having any luck, Warpath says no and comes to the conclusion that something might be blocking their transmitters. Starscream, Thundercracker, and Dreadwing arrive at the construction site. Starscream impatiently asks where Payload is and that he should have the generator by now. Elita-One attempts to beg Lord Starscream for mercy, only to find that Starscream has none to dispense.

Payload finally arrives with the generator, apologizing for the delay, stating that Dreadwing's drones weren't much help, and some of us aren't cut out or actual hard work. The Decepticon, Crankcase doesn't respond well to that remark, and whines out loud, to which Starscream doesn't respond well to. Having grown tired of Crankcase's incessant bitching, he promptly puts an end to it by destroying his vocal processor and hands him off to Ramjet to take him and place him with the other test subjects.

Arcee comes upon the ruins of an old training facility to look for a weapon, but instead chances upon the Autobot, Clocker. The two begin talking as Arcee briefs him on the dismal events that led up to her return, as she tells Clocker that Megatron had died, and Starscream declaring himself the new leader of the Decepticons, they are joined by Crosshairs. Surprised to see that he is still alive, she asks of the whereabouts of Elita-One and the others. Crosshairs tells her that they lost them in a raid not too long ago, and that He, Clocker, and the others who stayed behind are planning a rescue.

Meanwhile, back at the cube construction site at Simfur, Starscream prepares to greet the masses of Cybertron with the newly constructed All Spark cube, while Arcee and the others are closing in fast. As the Autobots, led by Arcee reach Simfur, Arcee can't believe what her optical receptors are seeing, Starscream has the new All Spark cube, and the captured Autobots, along with Crankcase have been strapped to it.

Featured characters

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  • "This planet has waited for a leader like me to restore her power, her glory, and her strength. I shall soon be her champion. Let all who wish to serve me do so without hesitation. And let those who wish to oppose me, well... Let them try."
Lord Starscream has some really big plans... or a really big ego.
  • "There's no place like home, but this is not good at all. Maybe I should have stayed on the red planet."
Arcee wonders if staying on Mars would have been the better decision.
  • "I reached for the stars, but settled for a piece of landing gear."
Arcee musing on how she made her way back to Cybertron.
  • "Wreckage, you traitorous worm! No wonder they knew so much about us... You've told them everything!"
Lord Starscream does not take kindly to treacherous scrapheaps.
  • "You will address me as Lord Starscream, OR YOU WILL NEVER SPEAK AGAIN!"
Lord Starscream appropriately responds to Signal Flare's plea for mercy.
  • "Hey, I'm not cut out for that kind of work. If it's heavy lifting that you want me to do, then I need an upgrade or a thank you... or more——"
Crankcase doing what he does best, complaining about everything.


  • On page 6, there is a panel that apparently depicts Earth-form Prime fighting Megatron on Cybertron.
  • On page 12, the word "liquefied" is misspelled "liquified."


  • Ramjet makes his first appearance on page 12, and he even has a distinct cone-shaped head.

Items of note

Covers (3)

  • Cover A: Starscream triumphant; art by Alex Milne & colors by Josh Perez
  • Cover B: Starscream, Dreadwing, Payload, and Dropkick; art by James Raiz & colors by Kieran Oats
  • Incentive Cover RI: Starscream photo cover
ReignOfStarscream4 CoverB

Starscream is HUGE!!!


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