Starscream takes the mantle of Decepticon leadership after the death of Megatron.


In the distant past, Optimus Prime launches the Allspark into space to keep it away from Megatron and his Decepticons. Instead of wiping out the Autobots, Megatron pursues the cube and leaves Starscream to eliminate the Autobots. Prime leads a large contingent of Autobots aboard a massive ship to catch Megatron alone in space and recover the Allspark, while some forces stay on Cybertron to deal with the Decepticons. Starscream orders his troops to pursue in their own craft, though Barricade lets his dissent be known. Dreadwing reports that the cube is heading toward the Eshems Nebula, with Megatron following, as well as the Autobots following both of them. The Autobots let loose a volley of mines that damages the Decepticon craft and seriously injures Dreadwing, so the Decepticons are forced to halt for repairs.

Over time, the Allspark lands on Earth and Megatron ends up trapped in the frozen Arctic. Along the way, the Autobots send teams out to different locations, reacting to trace elements of Allspark energy. The Decepticons park their ship on Mars, and Starscream leads a contingent to Earth, traveling in their protoform altmodes. Wreckage is soon killed by a group of humans, and Starscream concedes that while they may be weak, humans are also dangerous, and he stresses the need to reformat themselves for disguise.

They eventually discover the frozen Megatron at Hoover Dam and mobilize toward him. Starscream destroys the dam's power generators, allowing Megatron to thaw, but when Megatron learns that the humans have taken the Allspark, he can only state that Starscream has failed him again. The Decepticons engage the Autobots, and Ironhide causes Barricade to crash into a barrier. Blackout reports that Barricade may still be alive but Frenzy is most likely dead, but Megatron is still consumed with the cube. As the other Decepticons fall in battle, Starscream is angered by Megatron's non-concern with his brethren and fights the urge to destroy him. Sam Witwicky shoves the Allspark into Megatron's chest, destroying both.

As Starscream declares that the human will pay, a group of jets attacks him. Enraged, he destroys them all. He then travels to see if Barricade is still alive, which he is, though barely. Barricade states that Frenzy has detailed files on the Allspark and Sam. Starscream orders Barricade to continue reconnaissance on the Autobots when he has recovered and to refer to him now as Lord Starscream. Starscream then travels to Hoover Dam to recover Frenzy and prepares to assault the humans there.

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Items of note

  • The IDWords section features am interview with John Byrne about Star Trek: Assignment Earth
  • The comic specifically follows the continuity of the film itself, rather than IDW's previous adaptation of the film, what with Barricade not having had his head cleaved off.
  • Alas, the additional scenes featured in the issue (which take place during both the "prequel" events and the post-movie events) make the comic entirely incompatible with the UK's Titan magazine.
  • In addition, the story seemingly attempts to reconcile at least some of the events of IDW's prequel mini-series and the second Target-sponsored prequel comic, what with the inclusion of Wreckage. However, the opening scene (where Starscream is talking to Megatron as the latter sets to leave Cybertron) directly contradicts the events of the "Target" prequel comic, where Starscream is with the other Decepticons when they see Megatron leaving the planet from a distance.
  • Reassuring Optimus, Prowl says that he has "turned death into a fighting chance to live" -- quoting almost verbatim from Dr. McCoy in Star Trek III: The Search for Spock, regarding the sacrifice of the Enterprise.
  • Dreadwing assures Starscream that "Unlike your other soldiers, I won't fail you" -- a nod to a scene in The Transformers: The Movie where Megatron delivers a very similar slight against Starscream.
  • Scorponok is seen with a form that appears to be the humanoid mode seen on his toy. Making this one of two appearances in movie fiction where he is depicted with one.
  • Store signs in Mission City seen on page 18 include "J.R.'s Toys" (a possible nod to online toy retailer JRS Toyworld) and "Hodad's", a one-of-a-kind burger store in Ocean Beach, California (using the actual store logo even).
  • A truck on the highway on page 21 bears the last name of Chris Latta, voice actor for Generation One Starscream.
  • Starscream makes a sly reference to his G1 self's motto as he prepares his assault at Hoover Dam near the end of the story, stating that "we all know what conquest is made of" (according to G1 Starscream's motto, of the ashes of one's enemies).
  • Scorponok is seen in his Cybertronian form, seemingly possessing a robot mode.

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Starscream needs to stop eating at Taco Bell

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Shockwave, eat your heart out!

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Raahhrgg, who animated me?!


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