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The Reign of Starscream is IDW Publishing's five-issue comic series which is their official sequel to the 2007 Transformers live-action movie. It's currently(Jul-21-08) in publication monthly, beginning in May, 2008.

The story takes place in the very immediate aftermath of the 2007 movie, literally spanning only hours.[1]

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The comic recaps some events from the prequel and movie, before narrating what happens after the conclusion of the film.

The comic starts out with the All Spark being sent into space. Megatron pursues it, and his sub- commander; Starscream is left to command the Decepticons on Cybertron. The Autobots decide to hunt the cube and leave Cybertron on a battle ship. Starscream and the Decepticons pursue and encounter a mine field the Autobots left behind. Eventually both sides reach Earth and battle over the cube. Megatron (according to Starscream) is blind and cares about nothing other than the Allspark. The battle ends when an adolescent human shoves the All Spark into Megatron's chest, destroying both in the process.

Starscream's epic monologue is interrupted by some F-22s. Angered, Starscream destroys them and sets out to find Barricade. Barricade tells him that Frenzy's body and data was left at the Hoover Dam. Seizing ruler ship of the Decepticons, Starscream travels to the Hoover Dam and recovers Frenzy's corpse. He then thwarts his ambushers by capturing their leader, and heads off into space. His alt form survives, but the human does not. Ouch. Starscream arrives at Mars, and Thundercracker helps him in. While Starscream is recharging, he and Thundercracker discuss the new space bridge, the humans, and Wreckage's apparent betrayal. Then they catch wind of an Autobot attack party, and decide to crash it.

Cliffjumper, Arcee, and others in the attack party are intercepted by decepticon drones, and, later, Thundercracker. Cliffjumper is at Thundercracker's mercy when Arcee jumps into the fray. Both Cliffjumper and Arcee are caught unawares when Starscream arrives and assists Thundercracker. The two leave and depart Mars on the space bridge. Starscream arrives at Trypticon and makes the radical decision to build a new All Spark. He then proceeds to eliminate all memories of Megatron. The construction of the new cube is aided by unwilling autobot captives. Many are driven to the point of exhaustion, but nevertheless, the cube is eventually finished. Arcee arrives on Cybertron from Mars via the Star Bridge. She proceeds to meet fellow autobots and decides to lead a mission to rescue their fellow bots from Starscream. The aforementioned decepticon is starting to doubt himself, fearing that he has become that which he despised. Starscream arrives at the construction site and executes the first step of his plan. He ties several autobots and some decepticon insubordinates to the cube in an attempt to power it.

Arcee, Crosshairs, Clocker, and the other autobots arrive at the scene and watch in horror as Starscream murders his captives despite Elita-One's pleas. The cube is malfunctioning when, suddenly, Starscream is betrayed by Dreadwing and Ramjet. Battle ensues between those loyal to Starscream and Dreadwing's drones. Arcee decides to de-activate the drones from a control tower, and Starscream pursues Dreadwing, killing Dive Bomb in the process. The battle is progressing in the Autobot's favor when the control tower collapses and Dreadwing escapes on the Space Bridge. Arcee and the others conclude that the destruction of Trypticon is only a success if Starscream is found. On Mars, Dreadwing discovers that Starscream followed him, and Starscream rips out his spark. The comic ends with Starscream setting his sights on Earth.

Creative team

The Reign of Starscream was written by Chris Mowry and Chris Ryall, and penciled by Alex Milne.

Screenwriter Roberto Orci publicly expressed his regrets about not having been able to contribute to the comic sequel at all due to time constraints.[2]