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Climb this high she looks beautiful
Like a child I feel tears.
And I want to scream.
You know what I mean cause this is hurting no one.
An erazor of love.

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Vital Statistics

Writer: Benson Yee from a story by Pete Sinclair and Benson Yee
Pencils & Inks: Jake Isenberg
Colors: Thomas Deer
Pagecount: 45pp + 1 page prologue

Characters:Wing Saber, Cutter, Deadeye, Thrasher

Originally published: online exclusive for the Transformers Collectors' Club on July 6, 2007



  • The epilogue to the story makes no sense without the prologue which was published separately in Fun Pub Classics comics #14.
  • In August 2008, Fun Publications revealed Razor's Edge-themed wallpaper of the girls being sexy centerfolds in a magazine.


  • "Half the organics had already been decimated" is an abortion of the English language.
  • One of the paragraphs on page 41 is repeated.

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