The New Warrior - Hellbat is the ninth episode of Transformers Victory. It first aired in Japan on May 30, 1989 on Nippon TV.



Braver invents a device that tracks Decepticon brainwaves, just in time for it to detect the evil deeds of the Breastforce's newest member, Hellbat.


Aboard the Thunder Arrow somewhere in the depths of the ocean, Deathsaurus listens as Leozack lists off the latest in a litany of excuses for his repeated failures. A roar from Deathsaurus's Tigerbreast prompts Leozack to cut to the chase and explain that he has just put a new information-gathering plan into motion. The target of this plan is the New Energy Resource Research and Development Laboratory in Japan, where new minerals from across the galaxy are studied to discern their energy potential, but intrusion into their computer system is immediately detected by one alert scientist. The scientist heads down to the lab's computer centre, where he spots a sinister shadow interfering with the computer core. When he demands the person show themselves, however, the scientist is shocked when a giant robotic bat reveals itself and smashes through the wall to the outside. Peering out the hole left by the creature, the scientist watches as it attaches itself to the chest of a waiting Decepticon, who introduces himself as the fifth member of the BreastforceHellbat! The scientist sounds the alarm and Autobot and human troops come running, but in the course of the fight, stray shots from the Autobot troopers ignite fuel tanks on the laboratory complex. As the area begins going up in flames, Hellbat eschews any further physical combat in exchange for a swift getaway, and, with an eerie chant, unleashes a hypnotic sonic wave that makes his opponents fall unconscious.

Meanwhile, as part of an Autobot initiative to become more proactive in the campaign against the Decepticons, Braver has been busy developing a brainwave scanner that will pick up Decepticon signals. Jean and Holi are particularly impressed and eager to give it a try, and Braver fires it up to show them how it works, but the group is shocked when it actually picks up a Decepticon signature nearby! They inform the other Autobots, and a correlation with the report of the Decepticon attack on the Energy Resource lab is quickly drawn as Star Saber, the Brainmasters and the Rescue Team roll out.

The signature, of course, is that of Hellbat, who is meeting with the other members of the Breastforce in the nearby mountains. Leozack is not best pleased that Hellbat was not able to keep his activities a secret, and decides to forego small-scale data theft and simply take the entire contents of the lab.

The Autobots, meanwhile, have already arrived at the lab to help. As the Rescue Team get the fire under control, Jean assures the laboratory chief Doctor Okagi that things will be okay. Asking Jean his last name, Okagi reveals that he knew Jean's father, Doctor Minakaze, and tells the boy stories of his father's life and work. Star Saber confirms that no vital data was stolen in Hellbat's attack, and heads off to join the other Brainmasters, who are lying in wait to ambush the approaching Breastforce. The trap is sprung before Star Saber can arrive, however, and Blacker clashes with Hellbat, feeling the full force of his hypnosis waves. Blacker isn't one to take it lying down, however—he draws his sword and stabs himself in the leg to prevent himself from passing out. Hellbat has more tricks up his sleeve, of course, and unleashes his Breast Animal, which latches onto Blacker and begins draining his energy. While Laster deals with Drillhorn, riding him around like a bucking bronco, Star Saber arrives to duel Leozack in mid-air. Killbison attempts to shoot Star Saber down, but Braver seizes his cannons and spins them around, using them to blast Blacker free of Hellbat's Batbreast. When Star Saber manages to shoot Leozack out of the sky, the Decepticon orders all his teammates to unleash their Breast Animals on him. The little creatures manages to damage the V-Star enough that Star Saber has to disconnect from it and attack Leozack in robot mode, but Hellbat is quick to act and unleashes his hypnosis waves on the Supreme Commander. As the other Breastforcers hold off the Brainmasters, Leozack prepares to finish the incapacitated Star Saber when Braver has a literal brainstorm—by inverting polarities on his scanner, he is able to project an energy wave that scrambles the Decepticons' brainwaves. With the villains reduced to moaning, head-clutching heaps, Star Saber combines with the V-Star again and sends Leozack and Hellbat fleeing. The remaining Breastforces are surrounded by the Brainmasters and threatened with another dose of the scrambler, prompting them to make themselves scarce. Just when things seem to be over, at the last second, Leozack swoops back in and snatches the brainwave detector right out of Braver's hands, disappearing over the horizon before the Autobots can do anything. Although unhappy at losing his only prototype, Braver realizes that it is unlikely the Decepticons will be able to use the device for evil, and the Autobots return to the laboratory to finish off the repair work. There, Doctor Okagi thanks them for their efforts, and Jean promises to come back to visit in the future.

Back at the Thunder Arrow, Deathsaurus is not a happy bunny. No energy data was obtained, and he soon discovers that the "new weapon" that Leozack believes he has acquired only affects and reacts to Decepticons! After giving Leozack a dose of the scrambling waves to prove his point, Deathsaurus feeds the detector to his Tigerbreast and orders the Breastforce leader to get out of his sight. Hellbat quietly observes the whole affair, remarking to himself that he could do a much better job than Leozack...


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Transformers references

  • The fate of Jean's father (and mother) was previously detailed in "Attack! Leozack", as was the fact that he was a mineralogist.

Miscellaneous trivia

  • This episode lacks either of Victory's two stock title cards, opting for white text on a black background.
  • Blacker is hardcore.


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