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Tankor discovers an ancient weapon within the Oracle: the Key to Vector Sigma!

Japanese title: The Silence of Iron (鉄の静寂 Tetsu no Seijaku)


Having studied Autobot datatracks when he was Rhinox, Tankor finds out that Oracle's core contains Vector Sigma, the spherical computer that created life on Cybertron centuries ago. The datatracks also mention the Key to Vector Sigma, a device which can turn flesh to metal (which the original Megatron was using to turn Earth into a new Cybertron and was destroyed by the Aerialbot leader Silverbolt). With the help of Megatron's Diagnostic Drone, Tankor accesses the Oracle's Vector Sigma core and downloads the Key as a computer program into his main cannon. Meanwhile, the Maximals find that the ground beneath there has access to Cybertron's organic core and set up an irrigation system, watering it with organic goop from deep inside the planet. Trees grow, but suddenly, Tankor barges in and starts to transform the grove into Technomatter with his new weapon. Tankor fires his Key beam at Optimus Primal, but Nightscream jumps in front of him and takes the hit, turns into a techomatter maximal and goes nuts. Later, the Key program overloads Tankor's systems and he goes offline, and gets rescued from battle by Diagnostic Drone and a rescue party of Tank Drones. Blackarachnia webs up the insane Nightscream. The Maximals couldn't remove the Key program from inside him without the risk of infection by touching it, which it did to Blackarachnia. So their only choice was to use the goop to turn him back to normal, but they need more of it. Optimus Primal's group beats a mole drone, drilling under the grove. A tidal wave of the goop washes through the chamber, dousing and restoring Blackarachnia and Nightscream. The goop also causes the plants to grow at an alarming rate. Later, Tankor, who faked his death with a hologram program, plots to have Optimus and Megatron kill each other.

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Technical/Animation Glitches

  • When Tankor appears at the end of the episode, his model is missing the lights that are usually attached to his head in robot mode. You can even see this error in the preview picture on this page. Oddly enough, this error persists for quite a few episodes, particularly when Tankor is seen underground with the Diagnostic Drone.

Continuity errors

  • In the original G1 series the key's organic-to-technologic properties were described as being a "radically different effect" when the key was used on Earth. However, Beast Machines treats this property as normal behavior for the key, even on Cybertron.

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  • The decoy body that Tankor uses to fake his death is later revealed to be a hologram, which disappears when Tankor retrieves the key. Oddly enough, the decoy's shoulder cannon seems solid enough to be cut through by Tankor's saw.

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