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The army of G.I. Joes and their Autobot allies begin their final siege against Cobra's Terrordrome. Lives and loyalties are lost as the climax unfolds.


Writer: John Ney Rieber
Pencils: Jae Lee
Colors: June Chung
Letters: Benjamin Lee
V/P Editor in Chief: Roger Lee
President: Pat Lee

  • Release date: March 31, 2004

Major characters

(Numbers indicate order of appearance.)

Autobots Decepticons Humans



On a barge, heading towards the Terrordrome, Stalker laments that he feels that since the Autobots are only entering the conflict to protect the slaves, the all the G.I. Joes are effectively good as dead. However, Roadblock and Grimlock convince Stalker to drop his pessimistic outlook.

As Superion continues to come under attack, several of the chained slaves fall into the sea. Beach Head, Hound, and Prowl act quickly to pull them to the surface before any of them drown; however, one Joe doesn't emerge.

Alone, Lady Jaye arrives on the Terrordrome's landmass and is welcomed by a sinister Major Bludd, but she quickly manages to defeat the goons using a rotten stick. When only Major Bludd is left, Flint appears to assist her. But Lady Jaye knows that Flint wouldn't offer mercy to an enemy agent—determining that Flint is actually Zartan. And with precision, she tosses her stick to execute the impostor.

While Skywarp is toying with some human Cobra soldiers, Optimus Prime emerges from the ground to begin the showdown. Grimlock overpowers Soundwave, making Ratchet wonder how the Autobots seem to have an easier time defeating the Decepticons on Earth than they did on Cybertron.

Within Cobra's territory, Megatron points out how careless the Cobra Commander has been to abuse his power when he could, leaving Shockwave disabled.

The pair of Scarlett and Snake-Eyes, having swum within Cobra's stronghold, come to face an inactive Bruticus.

Starscream and Destro, aware of the moving Autobot and G.I. Joe assault against the combined forces of Cobra, are ready to activate Bruticus. But first, Baroness reveals her loyalty to Destro—and with a single well-placed shot, disables Starscream. She then leaves her co-conspirator to seize the Matrix away from Cobra Commander.

The rampaging Bruticus causes a wild avalanche, and Cobra Commander's legs are caught, helpless, under a large piece of rubble. He orders Megatron to be of assistance, but Megatron only lends himself to Cobra Commander as a tool to relieve the pain via suicide.

The Joes and Autobots try to save as many lives from Bruticus as they can while Optimus Prime presses forward to find the Matrix.

The Commander is unable to take his own life, so instead the Baroness is the one to pull Megatron's trigger and execute the leader of Cobra. Lady Jaye arrives to stop the Baroness from betraying anyone else, while Snake-Eyes grabs the Matrix. Megatron and Optimus finally battle to see who shall control the Matrix's fate, and under Prime's instruction, Snake-Eyes shatters the Matrix. With a bright flash of light, all the Autobots and Decepticons (including Bruticus) deactivate, leaving G.I. Joe to round up the surviving Cobra agents.


  • Either Optimus Prime hates everybody, or Bruticus' dialog box was briefly colored like everybody else's instead of his own.
  • How can the Combaticons exist in this continuity if Starscream and Destro built Bruticus?

Items of note

  • Flint's final fate is unknown. He was seen in the previous issue as a Cobra prisoner, and had no personal appearances afterwards.
  • Wavelengths has an article from the desk of Joe Ng.



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