The Hunt for The Black Pyramid is the fifth episode of Robots in Disguise (2000 anime). It first aired in the United States on September 14, 2001 on Fox Kids.




Still needing more energy to power the Predacons' base, Megatron sets his sights on a new source of power: The undersea Black Pyramid. Gas Skunk and Slapper wire the pyramid up to the ship's energy systems, but while making the installation, Slapper fears being discovered by the Autobots. Above, on a research vessel, Koji and the wily scientist Doctor Okasai prepare for their trip to see the Black Pyramid, unaware the Predacons are there. From his own base, Megatron sees the research vessel approaching - it would discover the Megastar and report its presence, and he fears that the Autobots themselves may become aware. Sky-Byte decides (with Megatron's approval) to see to the threat himself (and has Dark Scream join him) via preparing a grave for the ship, and as they leave, it's clear Sky-Byte and Dark Scream have a grudge with each other. Dr. Okasai and Koji buckle up and prepare for aquatic descent. Pieces of the ship shift their alignment as the entire vessel attains a vertical formation - once this configuration is acquired, the compartment which Koji and the Doctor are inside lowers into the sea... where they're unintentionally dangled in front of Sky-Byte. The crew of the ship panic when Sky-Byte's engagement begins, while Dark Scream attacks the not-submerged sections of the ship - the vessel is in danger under and over water. Koji radios for help from his Autobot friends. Prime, about to get waxed, hears the distress message and leaves the fire hall he was stored at (leaving the attendant there very confused). He travels out to sea on the Global Space Bridge while having T.-A.I. summon the Autobot Brothers to follow him (although she has a bit of difficulty getting Side Burn to follow instructions). Prime and the Brothers meet up together and reach the end of the Global Space Bridge's ability to extend out to sea - a large distance short of the ship. Side Burn, eager to show off, is the first to leap from the end of the road, but, thinking he's too young to rust, chickens out at the last moment. Prowl is the next to try jumping, making use of his jet boosters, but he only makes it far enough to baffle and confuse Kelly (who happens to be on a fishing trip). While Optimus prepares to make a mighty full-throttle leap, Side Burn and X-Brawn swim (or rather Side Burn paddles X-Brawn) towards their destination. Prime makes an incredible leap, breaking a handful of the laws of physics, and reaches the ship. Kelly looks upwards - can you guess what she sees? The answer is already obvious. Prime knocks Dark Scream off of the research vessel, with Dark Scream Dark-Screaming away for a swim. Sky-Byte emerges from the sea to confront Prime, and after Sky-Byte recites some bad poetry, he headbutts Optimus and both plunge into the sea as they begin their battle. With Prime at a disadvantage underwater, Koji radios T-AI for help. T-AI orders X-Brawn to help repair the damage done to the research vessel. When the ship is repaired, it returns to horizontal alignment. In the process, it lifts Sky-Byte and Prime out of the water. No longer at such a disadvantage, Prime puts on one of the "gloves" from his super mode and returns Sky-Byte back into the watery surroundings he belongs down in. With Sky-Byte's defeat, Megatron destroys the Black Pyramid so the Autobots themselves, like the Preds, can't use it - in other words, so that if the Predacons can't use it, no-one at all will use it. Although the day has been saved, T.A.-I. reports that now there's Predacon activity in other locations. Prime states that he and the Autobots will continue to defend the planet.


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Written by: Marc Handler

Notable quotes

"Don't tell me to relax, I hate to relax!"


Dark Scream: Whatever, you pathetic little guppy.
Sky-Byte: What did you just say--?
Dark Scream: Nothing! I said I wish I... had a puppy.
Sky-Byte: Yes, that's what I thought...
Dark-Scream: Just you wait... I'm gonna take you apart cylinder-by-cylinder!
Sky-Byte: You couldn't take a toy apart! Now watch your mouth or I'll use you as shark bait!
Dark Scream: [Now scared] How does he hear so well...?

—The final score of Dark Scream vs. Sky-Byte: Dark scream 0-1 Sky-Byte via Dark Scream being scared into submission

"It's a robot squirrel or hamster or something!"
"It's a Predacon!"

—Crewmen, on seeing Dark Scream

X-Brawn: Now you got me as worried as a steer in a steakhouse.
Side Burn: Dude, where do you come up with this stuff?

X-Brawn & Side Burn

Kelly: Gee, some of seagulls are really big...
Kelly: Strange seagull... Kind of looks like... A POLICE CAR FALLING FROM THE SKY!
Kelly: [After being treated to a cool, refreshing drink] I'm going to pretend that didn't happen....

Kelly, after seeing Prowl fall out of the sky in the middle of the ocean. And by the way, how did Prowl get a beast mode? He's not a Maximal!

X-Brawn: C'mon, Side Burn - let's hit it!
Side Burn: You're always telling me not to jump into things! [He does so into the ocean down to X-Brawn]
X-Brawn: Aw, shut your yappin' an' start paddlin'!
Side Burn: Do this, do that, just 'cuz I'm the youngest.

— Poor baby brother Side Burn is treated to exploitation by his fellow brothers as a means to an end

Sky-Byte: The cobalt ocean roils
zephyrs blow cold,
and another hapless foe is crushed beneath my heel.

Optimus Prime: You might do better with limericks! Your imagery is derivative - it lacks semiotic cohesion, and the "hapless foe" is you!

Sky-Byte's poem vs. Optimus Prime's critique
  • "My next poem will be your eulogy as you rust away in a watery grave. Then we'll see whose 'imagery' "lacks semiotic cohesion"!"
    Sky-Byte's reply to Optimus Prime's critique

Side Burn: Well, looks like you're the handy-man on this mission. Guess we'd better part ways...
X-Brawn: Yep, time to strap on tool belt. See ya later, li'l' brother.
Side Burn: Yeah...

—'Til T.A.-I. sending X-Brawn off on a handy-man assignment for the ship do him and Side Burn part

"It's not happening, it's not happening, it's not happening... I'm going to sleep."

—Rock-a-bye Kelly in the ocean-like loch; when the sea flows, the vessel will rock

Sky-Byte: You got a lucky break - hark, by land or sea, thou shall perish!
Optimus Prime: Didn't I tell you to stay with limericks?
Sky-Byte: Grrr...!
Optimus Prime: I withstood your 'shark attack' - now you try my Fist of Steel!

—The story of Optimus Prime vs. Sky-Byte reaches its closure. And Sky-Byte sure knows how to use poetic or narrative speech styles to express his now-having-had-it-with-the-leader-of-the-Autobots mood. Have you learned your lesson, Sky-Byte, about poems and limericks? Sky-Byte: Uh... I think so...


Continuity errors

  • The Black Pyramid's location is described first as being west, then east of Zuma Point. Whups!

Real-World references

Miscellaneous trivia

  • The unusual phrasing of this episode's title suggests it is a reference to the book/film The Hunt for Red October.
  • The dub of this episode gussies up the Black Pyramid as an energy-generating "Matrix Chamber." In the original Japanese version of the episode, it's just an ordinary archaeological ruin that the Predacons have hidden the Megastar in so that they can (as is pretty obvious from the visuals) tap the nearby undersea oil pipeline.
  • Kelly's boat has the registry number UF 26 S/C.
  • One of the crewmen knows about the Predacons, confirming (along with "Bullet Train to the Rescue") that the Transformers' war is common knowledge. Yet Kelly still has no idea what's going on. She needs to watch the news once in a while.








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