The Human Element is the thirty-fourth episode of Robots in Disguise. It first aired in the United States on February 23, 2002 on Fox Kids.




The Autobots are wondering about how Koji was able to command Fortress Maximus in the previous episode. Sideburn proposes the idea that Koji has some sort of special ability, Koji tries to remain modest but Sideburn persists. Dr. Onishi--not wanting to get his son's hopes up too high--tries to make sure that Kojie doesn't accept this without solid evidence proving so. Eventually, Fortress Maximus is once again discovered and the group quickly heads there. Scourge has already arrived and a small battle ensues, until Scourge announces his plan (real good idea to tell it to your enemies). He flashes back to when Megatron had him scan a vehicle, he scanned Optimus, Megatron, a truck, and the truck's human passenger. He increased his human bio-signature (gained form said human) and states that it's humans that can control Fortress Maximus. He eventually gains control over the enormous transformer. Koji mopes about how he is no longer able to do any thing until his father calls him telling him about a surprise. The build team and other Autobots come in through the space bridge with one thousand human children. The children begin screaming for Maximus to stop obeying Scourge, especially by chanting "Stop trying to hurt the Autobots!". Koji joins in and Scourge looses control. The Autobots win and are able to bring Cerebros in. No explanation as to where all kids came from is offered.


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Note: All characters are listed in order of their first appearances in the episode. The time they appear is the time from the Japanese dub..

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