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The Great Cassette Operation is the fourth episode of Transformers: The Headmasters. It first aired in Japan on July 24, 1987 on Nippon TV.



When Soundwave is resurrected as Soundblaster and Cybertron is attacked by the Madmachine, the Autobots respond by recreating Blaster as Twincast.


Using the advanced technology of planet Master, the Decepticons rebuild Soundwave as Soundblaster. His resurrection is timed to coincide with the creation of their latest weapon, the Madmachine, which emits electronic-disrupting rays. In order to field test the Madmachine, Sixshot and Trypticon attack an oilfield, in order to draw out Metroplex, who is crippled by the Madmachine. Reports of this deadly new device soon reach Rodimus Prime, who instructs the Autobot cassettes to investigate, but the loss of Blaster has left them dejected and unable to perform the task. The typically brash Autobot Headmasters don't look too kindly upon this dereliction of duty, and an argument ensues, but Rodimus calms everyone by revealing that Fortress is preparing to use Master technology to recreate Blaster. The Autobots gather to watch Blaster's rebirth as Twincast.

Alive again and reunited with his cassettes, Twincast is immediately charged with investigating the Madmachine, and heads to Earth, where he sneaks into the Decepticons' headquarters under cover of a firefight between the Aerialbots, Combaticons and Triple Changers. Even as he discovers that the Madmachine is being sonically controlled by Soundblaster from Chaar, the Madmachine and the Decepticon Headmasters are beamed to Cybertron, where they meet resistance from the Autobot Headmasters and Throttlebots. Blasting his way through the Constructicons, Twincast uses the Decepticons' space bridge to transport himself to Chaar. While his cassettes deal with their counterparts, Twincast destroys Soundblaster's sonic control and the Madmachine goes haywire, allowing it to be easily destroyed by the Autobots


In the episode[]


Regional Differences[]


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Animation and/or technical glitches[]

  • For much of this episode, Rodimus has black rings around his eyes. They appeared briefly in "A Dream is Born, Double Prime", too. They seem to have been added by the Japanese animators as a way of further distinguishing Rodimus from Hot Rod.
  • When Arcee and the Headmasters are trying to stop the Cassettes from leaving, she is missing her Autobot insignia. When it comes back in the next shot, it's a Decepticon insignia instead.
  • Following the appearance of Arcee's Decepticon insignia, as the shot moves to Rodimus Prime, his insignia has turned traitor as well.
  • When the Aerialbots fly in, Slingshot is colored like Fireflight, and Fireflight is colored like Air Raid. Air Raid, however, is colored correctly.
  • When the Combaticons form Bruticus, Bruticus is colored entirely like Onslaught.
  • While attacking Mindwipe, Rollbar & Goldbug's colors are swapped.
  • While Hook is trying to stop Twincast from boarding the Space Bridge, his helmet alternates between being completely white and completely green. In both instances, it should be black.

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Other Notes[]

  • Daniel and the Cassette Autobots went emo on Rodimus and Fortress, thus they get Blaster back as Twincast. Likewise, the Decepticons just happened to have technology needed to revive Soundwave as Soundblaster. WHY DIDN'T IT OCCUR TO THEM THEY COULD DO THAT TO PRIME? OR THE MANY OTHER CASUALTIES OF THE MOVIE!


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