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There's big trouble in Little Iacon as Big Daddy and Roadhandler mix it up. Plus, Countdown claims to know a lot about the future, Skystalker returns to Cybertron, and someone has plans for the Hot Rod Patrol!


The Hot Rod Patrol and the Race Track Patrol are in grave danger, under assault from the "Deluxe" Insecticons. Falcon is killed by Venom and drained of his Energon. The situation looks dire, until Groundshaker shows up in his ATV and rescues the Hot Rod Patrol. Groundshaker offers the Race Track Patrol a ride as well, but they choose to travel to Little Iacon on their own, despite the rampaging Insecticons hovering right over their heads. However, as soon as Groundshaker pulls away, Shockwave arrives. He explains that he may have been rash in judgment, and the Race Track Patrol are free to do as they wish. They speed off towards Little Iacon, while Flanker stays behind, ready to return to Decepticon headquarters with Shockwave. However, Shockwave promptly feeds him to the Insecticons, who have "new orders."

Meanwhile, the Hot Rod Patrol interrogate Groundshaker; it is revealed that he is one of the first Micromasters, full-sized Transformers that willingly downgraded to smaller, more efficient bodies, as opposed to the second generation of Micromasters, who were created in those forms. Groundshaker soon takes the patrol to meet Countdown, who not only claims to have seen the future, but insists that the Hot Rod Patrol will play a part in "making things right." They are suitably unnerved by this, and depart for Little Iacon, with Countdown's blessing.

In Little Iacon, the Hot Rod Patrol enter a secret nightclub where Autobot and Decepticon Micromasters mingle, drink, and throw globs of ooze at likenesses of Optimus Prime and Megatron. Inside the club, Greaser informs Motorhead that Crunch is dead, which shakes the Decepticon further. Meanwhile, Ground Hog suggests that Greaser and his teammates join up with them, since there is strength in numbers. Trip-Up and Roller Force get into a scuffle over seating arrangements, while Roadhandler confronts Big Daddy about his loyalties, which results in the two racing. The race attracts the attention of all the Micromasters in the area, as Roadhandler is the current champion. Big Daddy puts up a valiant effort, but is beaten in the final stretch by Roadhandler. The Hot Rod Patrol rally around their leader, even though he lost, and it is revealed that someone mysterious is watching them with great interest.

Meanwhile, a shuttle carrying Skystalker and Skyhopper returns to Cybertron!


Writers: James McDonough, Adam Patyk
Pencils: Rob Ruffolo
Inks: Erik Sander, Rob Armstrong
Colors: David Cheung, Josh Perez
Letters: Benjamin Lee

Featured characters

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Autobots Decepticons

Items of note

  • This issue takes its name from the ninth album by Bad Religion.
  • It is patently obvious that Rob Ruffolo was drawing the Micromasters from model sheets that did not include their backs, as the back detail on most characters is generic, at best.
  • During a sequence in Little Iacon, a dart board is visible with images of Optimus Prime and Megatron from the second printing of Prime Directive #2 (art by Pat Lee). The problem is that Prime and Megatron appear as they did on modern Earth, millions of years after this miniseries occurs.
  • If large portions of the dialog seem incoherent, you are not alone—several people made comparisons between the slang in this issue and the "Jive-talk" from the movie Airplane!
  • In the spread featuring Little Iacon, one of the Micros is bearing a Blendtron logo. Issue #4 confirms that this is just a "tattoo" and has no deeper meaning.
  • Reader mail is answered by Matt Hansen.
  • The "Wavelengths" page contained an article from the desk of David Cheung.

Covers (2)

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Drink Kremzeek!

  • Cover A: The Hot Rod Patrol looking at a poster for the Burn Outs, art by Pat Lee, featuring a poster from Hooligan Skateboards
  • Cover B: Micromaster racing by Rob Ruffolo


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