The Golden Knight is the twelfth episode of Season 4 and the fifty-seven overall of Transformers: Robots in Disguise.


An ancient Cybertronian signal sends Bumblebee and chivalry-obsessed Fixit to a remote English island for a routine scouting mission that quickly turns into the duo's very own call to adventure.


Bumblebee and Strongarm find Grimlock rummaging around the scrapyard, and quickly discover he's built a sculpture of Strongarm. Though she's unimpressed with the result, Grimlock believes she doesn't understand art. An alarm sounds, and Fixit reports he's detected a signal encoded in a way he can't decrypt. He's overjoyed to see it's coming from an island off England, and requests to come along when Bumblebee opts to go investigate. Fixit borrows Strongarm's Decepticon Hunter as an ersatz sword so he can be a knight. The pair arrive on the island and immediately run into two medieval reenactors. Fixit makes with the role playing and manages to persuade them that Bumblebee is a time-traveling knight in magical armor, though he's upset when the humans think he's a squire. He's showing off the Decepticon Hunter's sword mode when a lizardy Decepticon pops out of hiding. Bumblebee manages to protect the humans from the Decepticon's flame breath. The Decepticon demands to know the size of the Autobot army he believes is incoming, and attempts to threaten the humans, but when Bumblebee shields them, the 'Con leaves. Bumblebee instructs the humans to leave the island in their boat. Fixit's unable to find any information on the 'Con, so Bumblebee tries to call in the rest of the team.

Back in the scrapyard, Grimlock is working on another masterpiece when Denny reports that the Strongarm sculpture has been sold. Grimlock is overjoyed and un-invites Strongarm to the museum gallery he believes is his destiny.

Unable to reach the others, Bumblebee and Fixit continue searching for the 'Con. Fixit begins singing, as in movies knights are often accompanied by bards. In a hidden control center, Flamesnort makes a report to "command", but he hasn't had a response to his communications for thousands of cycles. He promises to defeat the Autobots himself, and Bumblebee and Fixit later find him having trapped the two humans in a ring of fire. Bumblebee attacks the 'Con and manages to keep him busy by pretending to be wounded while Fixit works on rescuing the humans.

Grimlock has started talking about himself in the third person, to Strongarm's dismay. When it looks like he's going to make another sculpture of her, she drives off.

Bumblebee tells Flamesnort that the Autobot fleet is two days out, so Flamesnort decides that the best course of action is to finish Bumblebee off. During the fight, a piece of tech is knocked off Flamesnort's arm. He reclaims it, and Fixit attempts to challenge him to single combat, only to be knocked aside. The humans manage to escape in their boat, and Bumblebee prevents Flamesnort from finishing off Fixit — the 'Con departs with all haste instead. The two Autobots realize the Decepticon is very old, likely dating from the war, and probably doesn't know the war is over. They head into a cave to find their foe.

In the control room, Flamesnort initiates "Plan Omega", inserting the key he has into the console. Within the cave, Bumblebee and Fixit find a huge machine which Bumblebee recognizes as a planet-killing Seismic Shock Warhead. Unfortunately the huge device activates. The pair run onto the huge ring encircling the device and attempt to find the ignition console so they can remove the key. Fixit starts panicking, but Bumblebee's able to talk him into reasoning out a location. The walkways connected to the ring retract and it starts spinning. Fixit comes up with a solution, getting Bumblebee to transform and drive around the ring before using a ramp to reach the tunnel they need to go down. They reach the control room where Flamesnort again attacks, however Bumblebee's able to keep the Decepticon busy until Fixit succeeds in extracting the control key. The warhead shuts down, and Flamesnort lies defeated.

Back at the scrapyard, Bumblebee replays a visual record of Fixit's heroics and the rest of the team is impressed. Bumblebee knights him. Denny reveals Grimlock's sculpture is acting as a scarecrow. Bumblebee is concerned they need to ramp up their efforts to catch the Stunticons.

Elsewhere the Stunticons are chasing off a police car. They jubilantly celebrate, and Heatseeker and Slashmark combine to Heatmark, however Motormaster is displeased at their slow progress and promises to show the others how it's done.

Featured characters 





"Behold, the knight's mystic sword! Excali... brate!"

Fixit, rightful king of all capacitor sprockets.

"Did you hear him? He thinks he's a hero and we're the villains."

"Each one of us is the hero of our own story, Fixit. No one considers him or herself to be evil. Except maybe Starscream."

Fixit and Bumblebee

"I have failed to repel the enemy, and the island will soon be captured. As such, I am initiating Plan Omega. All Hail Megatron."

Flamesnort follows the path where only in death does duty end.

"For your selfless acts of heroism, I hereby dub thee...Sir Fix of It."

Bumblebee makes Fixit's megacycle.

"Hiya, Boss! We got you some new territor-oof!"

"Great. At this rate, the planet's roads will be mine in two thousand years!"

Dragstrip isn't keeping to Motormaster's schedule.


Continuity notes

Prisoner manifest

Transformers references

  • Flamesnort tells Bumblebee to "say hello to Primus", and later closes his final report with "All Hail Megatron".
  • When affecting his snooty-artiste persona, Grimlock refers to himself in the third person, a common trait of other continuities' Grimlocks.
  • Bumblebee references the War for Cybertron.

Real-world references

  • Fixit describes England as a land of "bold knights, dashing spies, [and] moptop musicians", referring to King Arthur, James Bond, and The Beatles, respectively.
  • Strongarm instructs Fixit to "have fun storming the castle", a line from The Princess Bride.
  • Flamesnort holding out on an island, unaware the war is over is not dissimilar to the Japanese holdouts who continued fighting World War II long after it had ended.


  • Grimlock is not the first big green bot to take an interest in art. Bulkhead in Transformers Animated and Boulder also have an interest in art.
  • Flamesnort is an elder.
  • It is likely that Command is meant to represent Megatron,thus he is mentioned.
  • Seeing that Command does not respond to Flamesnort seems to implied Megatron's exile and that Flamesnort isn't aware of it.

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