Come with me if you want to BWAH.

On Christmas Eve, Jetfire struggles with his place amongst his peers.

Generation One (Marvel UK) > Issue # 93
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Marvel UK issue #93

Writer: James Hill
Pencils: Martin Griffiths
Inks: Tim Perkins
Lettering: Robin Riggs
Colours: Steve White
Editor: Ian Rimmer


Buster Witwicky is spending the Christmas holidays studying for a test on the American War of Independence when he is disturbed first by a news report on recent Transformer activity at a Blackrock facility in Portland then by the appearance of Jetfire at his window.

Jetfire wants to discuss his recent contrasting behaviour. The Autobots learned that the Decepticons had taken over a NASA facility and Jetfire was assigned as back-up to Prowl and Trailbreaker. He arrived to find them locked in combat with Dirge and Kickback while Soundwave transmitted a message to the Decepticons on Cybertron. Ignoring Prowl's orders to stop Soundwave, he instead tried to help his comrades but the Decepticons easily evaded his attack and fled, possibly having completed the transmission.

Jetfire explains that he was also present at the incident in Portland - he and Jazz were supervising a shipment when they were ambushed by Thrust and Bombshell. The Autobots were quickly overcome and Blackrock realised that a fire started during the battle was in danger of starting a chain reaction and filling the atmosphere with toxic chemicals that would kill thousands. Hearing this, Jetfire easily defeated the Decepticons and put out the fire with the contents of a water tank.

Jetfire feels that he reacts better when humans are in danger than when fellow Autobots are, because he was created on Earth, and thinks he would betray his comrades to help them. Buster tells him that Optimus Prime values his outlook on life and he should be proud of it, saying the words are his Christmas gift to him.


  • Buster says that Jetfire is the first of a generation of Terran Transformers, when in fact the Constructicons were activated before him.
  • In the first panel featuring him, Jazz appears to be missing the Autobot symbol from his chest.

Items of note

  • The media still believe Robot Master is responsible for the Transformers.
  • There are many references to past stories including Buster's part in Jetfire's creation ("Brainstorm"), the Autobots' deal with Blackrock ("DIS-Integrated Circuits"), the creation of the Stunticons ("Heavy Traffic") and Jetfire and Jazz's recent experiences with Galvatron ("Target 2006"). Prowl also makes an oblique reference to Trailbreaker being injured in that story, noting he is now up and about.
  • Although Galvatron appears on the cover, he plays no part in the story. (Although he would keep his promise to return eight issues later in "Fallen Angel".)


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