Magmatron sees Razorbeast as a distraction and hunts him down. Meanwhile, Razorbeast must find a way to warn Cybertron of Magmatron's plans.


A new army of Predacons gathers to receive orders. Magmatron sends his troops to hunt down Razorbeast's diffuse band of Maximals. Spittor and Drill Bit accompany Magmatron on his own mission to hunt down Razorbeast.

Razorbeast has met up with Snarl, B'Boom, Optimus Minor, Bonecrusher, Wolfang, and Ramulus. Deciding he needs to contact Cybertron, Razorbeast splits up the group to locate Ravage's transwarp cruiser.

Other groups of Maximals continue their journey to answer Razorbeast's summoning call. Stinkbomb, Bantor, Noctorro, K-9, and Armordillo help free Torca from some mud. Claw Jaw and Cybershark travel together in water, while Night Glider, Sonar, Prowl, and Air Hammer take to the skies. Polar Claw treks alone across the Arctic.

Ramulus is defeated by Spittor, and Magmatron's triple dinosaur modes attack Razorbeast, Wolfang, and Bonecrusher.

Optimus Minor, meanwhile, has located the cruiser. After Snarl dispatches Drill Bit, the two return with their prize, a signal amplifier.

Although Magmatron briefly attains the upper hand, Razorbeast escapes and rescues the other two Maximals. They rendezvous with Minor and Snarl to assess their situation. The signal amplifier is broken, but it may be fixable.

Despite his failure to stop Razorbeast's gang, Magmatron still has reason to celebrate. He has managed to salvage Ravage's mangled body, which still houses a viable spark.

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