The Fish Test is the nineteenth episode of Robots in Disguise. It first aired in the United States on September 27, 2001 on Fox Kids.



Sky-Byte finds out he is a jellyfish, thus he tries to manipulate Autobots!


Sky-Byte takes an online fish personality test, which tells him he is a jellyfish. Gas Skunk comes in and calls for Sky-Byte to go see Megatron. Scourge is already there, and both tell Megatron they have a plan to defeat the Autobots. Megatron tells Sky-Byte to forget his plan and help Scourge. Scourge tells Sky-Byte to stay at the base, out of his way. Later on, Dark Scream tells Sky-Byte of Scourge's extremely familiar plan of stealing power from power plants to give to Megatron. Sky-Byte tells Dark Scream to get the other Predacons together for his own plan. Scourge, Mega-Octane, Rollbar, and Armorhide arrive at the power plant, but are shot at by Gas Skunk, Dark Scream and Slapper in poor Autobot Brothers disguises as well as Sky-Byte in a Rail Racer disguise. Sky-Byte's disguise catches fire when it is shot, and he transforms into beast mode for a second to extinguish the flames, causing Scourge to get suspicious. At the Autobot base Side Burn is skipping patrol to take the fish personality test, much to T-AI's chagrin. An alarm goes off due to the Decepticon's attack on the power plant. Optimus Prime sends out the Autobot Brothers to take on the Decepticons. When the Autobots arrive via the space bridge, Sky-Byte reveals he only planned on stalling the Decepticons until the Autobots arrived. Unfortunately for him, Side Burn, Prowl and X-Brawn were just as interested in shooting Predacons. The Predacons run off, and Sky-Byte radios Scourge about the Autobots arrival, as his costume is blasted off him. Optimus Prime arrives and joins the fight between the Autobots and the Decepticons, causing the Decepticons to retreat. At the Predacon base, Megatron berates Sky-Byte for interfering. Later, Dark Scream tells Sky-Byte of Scourge's next target: another power plant. Sky-Byte attempts to warn the Autobots about Scourge's newest plan. Side Burn blasts Sky-Byte before he can tell Side Burn, due to his stopping Side Burn from chasing a red sports car. The next bot they try and tell, X-Brawn, blasts all the Predacons despite their pleas otherwise. He calls Side Burn and Prowl, who say that the Predacons are trying to lure them into a trap. Side-Burn has Sky-Byte do poses in beast mode to prove he's the real Sky-Byte. Despite Side Burn's complaints, X-Brawn and Prowl decide that they should at least check the power plant. The Autobots wait around at the power plant, only to get radioed that a different power plant is under attack. They head off, deciding that Sky-Byte lied to them on purpose. Team Bullet Train arrives at the power plant, and transforms into Rail Racer to fight the Decepticons. Rail Racer defeats the Decepticons before Prowl, X-Brawn, and Side Burn can arrive. Sky-Byte is sitting by the ocean, wallowing in self-pity. Gas Skunk, Slapper, and Dark Scream suggest they should attack a power plant themselves. They attack a power plant, only to find that Megatron and Scourge had already taken it over. The destruction alerts the Autobots, so X-Brawn, Prowl, and Side Burn go to the plant by space bridge. Side Burn accuses Sky-Byte of purposely misleading them and attacks him. Optimus Prime arrives and takes out Megatron and Scourge, who escape. Sky-Byte is surrounded by Autobots, and runs off after being forced to do a fish trick. At the Predacon base, Megatron puts Sky-Bite on energon slag duty due to his screw-ups. Sky-Byte checks the fish personality test again, which tells him it would be a bad idea to betray anyone today.


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Original airdate: September 27, 2001 Written by: Marc Handler

Notable quotes

"What are you doing Sky-Bite? You've been at the computer all day."
"Don't bother me now Slapper, I'm taking the online fish personality test"
"Fish personality? Excuse me but isn't that a contradiction in terms?"

Slapper to an internet surfing Sky-Bite.

"Even if we lose, it was worth it to see Sky-Bite bark like a seal"
"You need a life."

Slapper getting insulted by Gas Skunk


Animation and/or technical glitches

  • When Megatron is berating Sky-Bite at the power plant, Sky-Bite makes two peace signs when he promises to follow orders. Sky-Bite normally only has one hand not two.

Continuity errors

Other Errors

Transformers references

Real-world references

Miscellaneous trivia

  • The text on the screen while Sky-Bite is taking the personality test is a bunch of random letters, mostly Gs and Hs. Side Burn's version of the screen is different from Sky-Bite's, but the letters are still junk. Apparently the writers were to lazy to come up with something to actually say on the screen.








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