Three great cost-cutting exercises inside!!

Megatron returns to Cybertron intending to rebuild the Decepticon Empire.

Generation One (Marvel UK) > Issue # 213-214
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Marvel UK issues #213-214

Writer: Simon Furman
Art: Lee Sullivan
Lettering: Glib
Colours: Stuart Place


Following the Time Wars, Megatron and Ravage use the Mayhem Attack Squad’s ship to return to Cybertron. Disgusted at the lack of Decepticon control of the planet, Megatron makes his way to Helex, the Decepticon capital. There he confronts the ruling Decepticon Triumverate of Legonis, Octus and Seizer.

Having grown indolent and complacent, the three have abandoned the idea of conquest, instead preferring to be entertained with gladiatorial combat. They cast Megatron into the area to face a variety of opponents. Megatron dispatches them all easily, reveling in the destruction.

Eventually he realizes the futility of what he is doing and appeals to the crowd of Decepticons to rise up and reclaim their warrior heritage. Inspired to take action the already dissatisfied Triggercons attack and kill the Triumverate and the Decepticons declare Megatron their leader. Megatron declares that this time he intends to do things right.


Items of note

  • The Triumverate are inspired by the Triumvirate of ancient Rome.
  • Issue 213 was the first UK issue to be printed with three strips per issue, a US Reprint, a UK story and a back-up Visionaries strip. This was done as a cost-cutting exercise. The story, however, was written before the decision was taken, so it had to be split in two and printed across two issues instead of one. This led to a rather unexciting ‘cliffhanger’ at the end of 213.
  • Ironically, the Megatron featured here is later shown in "Two Megatrons!" to be a clone of the previous ruler of Cybertron, Straxus.
  • This was the last UK strip to be originally printed in colour due to falling sales.
  • Octus was based on a Dalek from Doctor Who.
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