What have you done with the Real Sideswipe?

Brawn and Starscream both fall foul of their friends.

Generation One (Marvel UK) > Issue # 13-17
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Marvel UK issues #13-17Edit

Writer: Simon Furman
Art: John Ridgway (13), Collins (14-17)
Lettering: Richard Starkings
Colours: Gina Hart
Editor: Sheila Cranna


After challenging Megatron’s authority and being savagely reprimanded, Starscream plots Megatron’s downfall. He plans to attack humans indiscriminately until the Autobots come to their defence. This will force the other Decepticons to come to his aid and together they will destroy the Autobots proving that Starscream’s methods are superior to Megatron’s. Unfortunately Ravage overhears Starscream’s plotting and rushes to tell Megatron but he is spotted and Starscream attacks him and leaves him for dead.

At the same time in the Ark the Autobots are moving a heavy piece of machinery when it slips and a short circuit causes Brawn to be electrocuted, knocking him unconscious. After his recovers he begins to act strangely before eventually violently attacking Sideswipe and then abandoning the Ark.


"Ravage's ALIVE!"

Some time later as Starscream attacks the US Air Force Base: Oregon Four-Alpha the other Decepticons discover the badly damaged Ravage who reveals Starscream’s treachery. Enraged the Decepticons race off and capture Starscream during his attack. Starscream demands his right to trial by combat.

Brawn meanwhile has gone on a rampage in a small town, believing their cars to be enslaved robots. The Autobots are forced to subdue him. Megatron, unwilling to let Starscream off so easily, plans to take advantage of the situation and suggests to Optimus Prime that they allow Starscream and Brawn to fight each other. Desperate to regain his honour, the now repaired Brawn agrees.

The two battle, unaware that Megatron has stationed Ravage nearby with orders to blast Starscream if he wins the battle. The battle goes against Brawn and it appears that he has been destroyed. Following his orders Ravage blows Starscream out of the sky, gaining his revenge on him. He then lets the other Decepticons believe that it was the Autobots who attacked him, motivating them to get behind Megatron and attack them.

Unknown to the Decepticons, Brawn was not destroyed, instead Mirage projected a hologram showing his death, while the real Brawn was taken to safety.

Back at the Decepticon Fortress, Megatron is preparing to launch an all out attack on the Autobots.



Items of noteEdit

  • This story leads directly into Raiders of the Last Ark.
  • Megatron refers to the Decepticon's encounter with Spider-Man, being rattled by humanity being potentially more dangerous than first thought.
  • This was the first Transformers to be written by Simon Furman. He has gone on record to say that he does not think much of this early work and does not wish to see it reprinted which may explain the story’s absence from the Titan Books reprints.
  • Like Man of Iron! and Raiders of the Last Ark, it is unclear where this story fits in the Marvel UK continuity. It was originally printed between The Last Stand and The New Order when the Autobots and Decepticons were deactivated after Shockwave’s arrival. It is generally assumed to take place somewhere in US Issue 3 or 4 as the Decepticons' encounter with Spider-Man is mentioned.



Yes it has been reprinted in the past.

  • This story was reprinted in the Transformers Special 1986 (Collected Comics #4). The story was now printed in full colour and was given a new cover.
  • The story was reprinted again in full colour in issues #308-309 & #313-317 of the regular comic. The reprint was interrupted when the plan to give the comic a permanent extra four pages was dropped and there was no room to carry both the reprint and the back-up strip Machine Man in the same issues.
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