The Autobots and Decepticons forge an uneasy alliance in order to defeat Unicron.


Prime addresses the entire population of Mini-Cons, who have gathered by a space bridge portal to Cybertron. With Over-Run's help, he explains that in order to defeat Unicron, every single one of them must join together and contribute their power to a common cause. The Mini-Cons briefly suspect a trap when the Decepticons arrive, but Optimus Prime assures them that he has invited them, as they will all be needed. Megatron releases Leader-1, Swindle, Blackout, and Crumplezone, but of the Destruction Mini-Con Team he remarks simply that, "we're all better off without them." Rad asks where the other Autobots are, and he replies that they went on ahead to Cybertron, because they did not completely agree with the alliance with the Decepticons.

As they arrive on Cybertron, the space bridge portals that have been opening around the planet have stabilized and formed into a single rift, through which Unicron soon comes forth. Upon seeing him and hearing him speak of their doom, the Transformers are thrown into panic and disarray, but Optimus Prime rallies them all together to launch a massive attack on the Chaos Bringer. Starscream asks Megatron if he seriously expects him to fight Unicron. Megatron responds that it would be impossible, so once the others have exhausted themselves, he intends to strike a deal with Unicron. Megatron then flies up to him. The other Autobots see this via Laserbeak and go out to meet him.

Airazor, Cheetor, Rhinox, and Terrorsaur charge out to attack, but are sucked up by Unicron. He has seen that things are not they way they should be and intends to get his answers from the four. Meanwhile, the Mini-Cons have all linked hands in a circle around the former capital building of Cyber City. Over-Run tells them that it is time to end the battle and channels the power of all of them into the Matrix, firing an immense blast of energy that seriously damages Unicron.

As Optimus Prime pulls all the forces back, Megatron lands. Though he hadn't expected their plan to work, he still thinks he can take whatever he wishes from Unicron. Just then, Hot Shot, Scavenger, and Red Alert show up. "This is for Smokescreen," says Hot Shot, and the three unload their weapons into Megatron, causing him to fall into the depths of Unicron. The Autobots pile into a shuttle and fly off as Unicron seemingly explodes. As the Transformers all get together and celebrate, Optimus Prime hopes that they can rebuild Cybertron, but remarks that they must be ever-vigilant should evil return.

It never ends...

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