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Shūta and Cab are captured in Overlord in base mode and the Autobots attempt to rescue them.

Japanese title: "正義と悪の地球ファミリー"


Shūta and Cab are captured and tortured by Blood in Overlord Base, so Ginrai and Minerva head there to save Shūta and Cab. Meanwhile, Lightfoot, Ranger, Road King and Grand are coming to Earth to join Ginrai and Mineva, but they are intercepted by BlackZarak and Darkwings.

Mega tells Blood stop whipping Shūta and Cab and asks the boys if they have decided to join the Decepticons. Wilder says it is impossible to allow Shūta and Cab to join the Decepticons, but Giga tell Wilder not to think like that because they welcome people wanting to join the Masterforce Family. Shūta replies that they are out of their minds and the Decepticon "family" is a "stupid family". Cab says they won't join the Decepticons. Wilder rebukes this, saying that Shūta and Cab probably don't have parents like Giga and Mega.

Later, Ginrai and Minerva arrive in time. Minerva drives Godbomber and crashes into Overlord to save Shūta and Cab. Mega tells the boys to wait, while Giga tells her it time to perform God on their Transtector to combine and form Overlord. But Mega tells him the Decepticon Headmaster Juniors are still inside Overlord.

Super Ginrai and Godbomber are hit by the "Transtector Destructing Cannon" used by Overlord in battle. But Grand arrives with Battleship Maximus and the other Autobot Godmasters who have defeated BlackZarak and Darkwings.

Super Ginrai immediately combines with Godbomber to form God Ginrai and rides Battleship Maximus to attack Overlord by performing his surfing skill. Then he finishes Overlord with Grand's Master Blade.

The injured Decepticons retreat after getting defeated. Giga asks Mega if she is alright and tells her not to mind what happened today. Regardless, Mega cries.

At that night, while the Autobots chat happily in City Maximus, Cab says Minerva could be the mother of Autobots, while Shūta says Ginrai could be the father of Autobots. Minerva blushes with embarrassment.


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  • Minerva's Master Suit is white instead of red when she saves Shūta and Cab.

Items of note

  • Just how Shūta and Cab were captured by the Decepticons isn't known.
  • Minerva drives Godbomber and crashes into Overlord to save Shūta and Cab. Yeah, she is tough.
  • Overlord's gun is identified as the Transtector Destructing Cannon in this issue.
  • Grand Maximus's sword is identified as the Master Blade in this issue.
  • Lightfoot, Ranger, and Road King are seen without helmets for the first time in the Super-God Masterforce manga.
  • This issue is the only Masterforce fiction featuring Grand Maximus's city mode.
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