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The Decepticons is the fourteenth episode of Robots in Disguise. It first-airs in the United States on September 22, 2001 on Fox Kids.



Megatron manages to obtain and turn six Autobot Protoforms into his newest fighting force—the Decepticons.


Koji talks to Optimus Prime about UFO sightings that had occurred about sixty years ago. T-AI has managed to decode the microchip and found Castle Peak. The indicated location is grid co-ordinates L3, Delta 5.2. Prime decides to investigate the site with the Autobot Bros. When they arrive, they pass by Kelly, without noticing her. The four Autobots at first find a expedition site run by the Predacons. Sky-Byte hits a weak point in the ground with his claw, causing a cave to collapse onto him and unearthing the ship in question. Caught in the disaster (of course), Kelly yells that another vacation has gone down the drain. The ship turns out to have come from Cybertron sixty years ago with six Autobots who'd been sent to Earth - Optimus scans the ship to find those Autobots in Protoform mode currently in Stasis Pods and intends to bring them to base to help the battle against the Predacons. The Predacons have other plans, arguing the ship is theirs because they found it first. Optimus counters that this is only valid if the ship is abandoned by its crew. Just after Megatron arrives and renders the point moot by stealing the Protoforms and bring them to the command center, the Predacons attack the Autobots from getting the Protoforms back and follow him back to the command center. He then brings the Protoforms to McKinley Army Base, where Kelly, who has been rescued by the soldiers there, is sitting on a jeep, griping that her vacation's been ruined again. Megatron hopes to make the Protoforms scan the most powerful vehicles in the army base and then infuse them with his spark energy to turn them to his command. Dark Scream and Slapper then scan a missile truck, despite being fired at by the base's vehicles, as its drive got out of the truck, leaving its door open, behind. T-AI informs Optimus what's happening at the base, but by the time the Autobots arrive, they're too late; Mega-Octane has been created (his body energizing into a completed state in vehicle mode). He transforms, and Optimus welcomes him to Earth as an Autobot, only to be refused and fired upon. When Megatron orders Mega-Octane to destroy the Autobots if they interfere and make sure that the scanning process is successfully completed, he holds off the Autobots and orders the Predacons to take the pods to the vehicles and begin scanning. Slapper scans a tank, Gas Skunk scans a jeep armed with a large cannon, and Dark Scream scans a helicopter, which somehow stops Kelly from boarding it. Sky-Byte spots an unseen vehicle with the most power, only for Optimus Prime to intervene, by telling him to forget it, transforming into vehicle mode and firing a Power Stream attack - this attack backfires when the Protoform's beam scans a space shuttle. Megatron infuses all four Protoforms with his spark energy - their own creation is complete. He still holds the last Protoform, however. Kelly boards a tanker truck holding 10,000 gallons of rocket fuel and tries to get away, but almost overturns it - Optimus saves her, but this allows Megatron to scan the tanker, creating Scourge - Optimus Prime and Kelly, due to Prime saving Kelly at the time she tries to drive away, are caught in the scanning crossfire. Megatron tells Scourge that he is infused with his spark, but also that of Prime and asks him if he is a Decepticon or Autobot, then he commands him to answer. After a dramatic pause, Scourge declares to himself that he has only one purpose, which is to serve Megatron, one desire, which is to destroy his enemies, and one mission, which is to lead the other Decepticons to victory. Mega-Octane, on note of Scourge's leadership statement, objects at first, insisting to him that he was the first Decepticon created, so he should lead the others, but Scourge manages to retain his position, telling Mega-Octane that only the most fearless deserves that honor. Megatron agrees to Scourge, by giving to him a "well done", then he tells him that from that moment on, he is the commander of the Decepticons and Mega-Octane that he and the rest will follow Scourge's orders. He asks them both if that is understood, then they both confirm to him. Scourge then tells the other Decepticons that the Autobots are Megatron's enemies, they must be eliminated, it is time to prepare for combat and to transform so that they can use battle power. The Decepticons then open fire on the Autobots using minimum fire power after Optimus ordered the Autobot Brothers to get ready. As X-Brawn is about to order the other Autobot Brothers to fall back and regroup, which after Prowl proclaims that the Decepticons got too much fire power, they somehow get blocked by the Decepticons' fire power from getting back to the base. Scourge commands them to switch to maximum fire power, as his base joins in. Optimus switches to Battle Mode and tries to convince Scourge that he is an Autobot, to fight Megatron's infusion of evil and that this is not who he really is, but he asks to Optimus why he should listen to him, then he tells him that he is Megatron's enemy and the enemy must be annihilated. He commands the other Decepticons to attack and destroy the Autobots, as they do so some more. He then fires a Blizzard Storm attack at Scourge and the Decepticons, which proves to be equally ineffective. That makes Megatron discover that Scourge is not yet at full strength and he tells him that he can finish the Autobots off at another time. Scourge tells Optimus that the next time they meet, he will cease to exist and he promises him, then he commands the Decepticons to follow him. Optimus orders Scourge to wait, but he dares Optimus to try and stop him. As his base hits Optimus once again, he provides cover, Scourge, his base, the Decepticons and Megatron all withdraw to the command center, unaware that they left the other Predacons behind. After that, Optimus proclaims to himself that someday, he hopes that Scourge and the Decepticons will reject Megatron's evil in them and realize their true sparks, but until they do, they are Earth's most dangerous enemies. Next, Sky-Byte tells the other Predacons that he hopes they all have their resumes ready, because they may be out of a job.


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Written by: Tom Wyner

Notable quotes

Koji: Throughout history, almost every civilization that kept written records reporting sightings of strange objects and lights in the sky. Today they’re generally referred to as unidentified flying objects or “UFOs.” In the past 60 years, there have been thousands of UFO sightings all over the world. My dad is one of the scientists that would investigate them, Optimus.
Optimus Prime: It's a fascinating subject. I find it strange that many people on Earth still refuse to believe they exist. How's it coming, T-AI?

Koji and Optimus Prime

"I have only one purpose: to serve Megatron. I have only one desire: to destroy Megatron's enemies. I have only one mission: to lead the Decepticons to victory!"

Scourge has a clear mission statement.


  • This is the debut of the Commandos — whose character forms are essentially copies of the G1 Combaticons — and Scourge, whose appearance marks the first time in any continuity of an 'evil Optimus Prime' (see also: Nemesis Prime).
  • This episode also marks the first time since the Beast Wars / Beast Machines era that Protoforms are seen scanning objects in order to choose their alternate modes. And just like Beast Wars Megatron, this Megatron manipulates the scanning process to turn good-guy Protoforms into bad-guys.

Animation errors

  • The close-ups of Scourge's face as Optimus tries to talk him into not leaving lack the blue trim on the sides.