The Autobots are stranded in the Unspace


When the ark receives a message from cromia to come back to Cybertron, the Autobots use the spacebridge but it malfunctions trapping them it what Wheeljack calls “unspace” Wheeljack explains that to use a spacebridge you have to go from point A to point B and you have to travel a small distance and when a spacebridge malfunctions it traps the user/users in between point A and point B then they see a different shuttle looking exactly like the ark But looking darker and rusty, they use a smaller vessel to get in to the that shuttle but they find out there is no one there! Next wheel jack sees that another Wheeljack was building a escape device to try and get out of unspace a bit after the ship starts disintegrating right before their eyes! They all race back to the smaller vessel and go back to their ark, next another ark comes to them and This time it is functioning well they heil the other ark and find out another set of them!! The two optimus agree to meet up, after they meet up the hotrods talk a bit next the Wheeljacks, the fembots say they got their message from perceptor to come to cybertron and then another ship appears! This time it is rack and ruin! The hotrods are surprised to see the duo they meet up then more and more arks appear the all meet up more crew members and one rack n’ ruin.


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