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While the Cybertronian Decepticons build a device that will allow travel between Cybertron and Earth, the Autobots make a desperate attempt to stop them.


The Decepticons construct a space bridge to enable travel from Cybertron to Earth, but it is still not perfected. The Autobots attempt to sabotage the bridge, but Blaster hesitates to set all the necessary explosives when he discovers that the neutral scientist Spanner, who had been kidnapped by the Decepticons, has actually been reconfigured into the space bridge itself. The Decepticons discover Blaster and stop his sabotage efforts. In the process, the bridge is activated, and Straxus' body is destroyed while battling Blaster. Blaster and his Autobot teammates travel to the other side of the space bridge to arrive on Earth, but the bridge disappears behind them, and they are trapped on a strange new world.

In a "meanwhile, on Earth" subplot, Megatron, Soundwave, and Donny Finkleberg (all last seen in "I, Robot-Master!" (US) or "Second Generation!" (UK)) are hanging around a coal mine. Finkleberg is still making broadcasts in his "Robot-Master" role, trying to convince humans that the Autobots are hostile. He complains about his working conditions (e.g., all Ravage brings him for food is a snack machine full of candy). Megatron is barely tolerant of this. Then, Shockwave shows up with Laserbeak and Buzzsaw. He and Megatron argue about who leads the Decepticons until they receive a message from Straxus, declaring that he is about to open the space bridge. Given this development, the two leaders agree to a truce. Finkleberg decides he needs to find a way to warn the Autobots.


Writer(s): Bob Budiansky
Pencils: Don Perlin
Inks: Keith Williams & Vince Colletta
Colors: Nelson Yomtov
Letters: Janice Chiang
Editor(s): Michael Carlin
  • Originally published: July, 1986

Major characters

(Numbers indicate order of appearance.)

Autobots Decepticons Humans



  • Straxus' colors change extensively by comparison to the previous issue.
  • In the first panel of the last page, Powerglide is coloured as Beachcomber.

Items of note

  • When Shockwave appears with Laserbeak and Buzzsaw to confront Megatron, Megatron comments that he had sent the two condors to retrieve the Seekers, not Shockwave. This is new information, most likely an attempt to explain an earlier continuity hiccup: Laserbeak and Buzzsaw (along with Soundwave and Ravage) had rescued Megatron from his immobility in issue #15 of the US series, but in #16 (written by a different author), the two bird-cassettes were working for Shockwave. This issue's revelation that they had been sent out on a mission provides an explanation: They had succeeded in finding the Seekers, but since the Seekers were serving under Shockwave at the time, the condors simply fell into his band. Notably, the UK comic inserted an additional seven issues between US #16 & 17, wherein Soundwave and the cassettes served under Shockwave but manipulated events to bring him together with Megatron to resolve the Decepticon leadership issue.
  • References to other Transformers continuities/issues: Donny Finkleberg was captured by the Decepticons in I, Robot-Master!.
  • The full title of the previous issue was given as "Return to Cybertron Part 1: The Smelting Pool!". Ostensibly, this would make "The Bridge To Nowhere!", "Return to Cybertron Part 2", although it is not explicitly named as such.
  • This issue introduces the concept of the space bridge, and it is radically different to how it appears in the cartoon.
  • This issue was reprinted as issue 6 of IDW Publishing's Generations series.
  • The Letters to the Editors section of the Marvel US publication of this issue includes the first mention of Shingo.

Covers (3)

  • U.S. cover: Blaster vs Straxus by Herb Trimpe
  • UK issue 68 cover: A half Earth/half Cybertron with the respective leaders of each by Phil Gascoine
  • UK issue 69 cover: reuse of art from U.S. cover with a new background

A really bad space soap opera


The U.S. cover on acid


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