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Super-God Masterforce > Issue # 12
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The final battle begins.

Japanese title: "超生命体の誕生"


The headless Transtector of Black Zarak's walks toward God Ginrai and Overlord, who are fighting each other, and tells Overlord to stop fighting. Overlord is very unpleasant with Black Zarak ordering him. God Ginrai finds out it is Devil Z, who heads on Black Zarak's body and speaks to them, and tells Overlord about it.

Devil Z, now possessing Black Zarak's body, transforms into a giant two-headed serpent. It's also revealed that both Hydra and Buster have been reformed into true Transformers without flesh and betrayed Overlord. Devil Z emits the Jinchōkon-absorbing ray to absorb the Jinchōkon from Ginrai and Overlord in order to gain the third head and evolve into the Demonic Beast. But the Jinchōkon-absorbing ray is blocked by the Autobot Pretenders because the ray can't affect those original Transformers.

When Devil Z is held by the Autobot Pretenders, the New Battleship Maximus shows up in the sky and tell Ginrai to ride on the ship with the Autobot Godmasters and Headmaster Juniors. Overlord takes the Decepticon Headmaster Juniors to join the Autobot in order to fight Devil Z together.

The human and the Autobot Pretenders merge their Chōkon Power together and perform the ultimate attack Grear Super-Soul Perfect Transform Attack, successfully defeating and killing Devil Z once and for all. Hydra and Buster combine into Darkwings and flee.

After a while, light shines the place. The human find themselves separated with their Transtectors and their Masterbrace are gone. What surprises them most, their Transtectors become real Transformers. Those newborn Transformers start to tell human about the true identity of Devil Z and the origin of the Godmasters. It is revealed that Devil Z was a super energy lifeform with a tremendous force. He stole the Godmaster Transtectors and Masterbrace. When Devil Z arrived on Earth, he chose and revived a couple of man and woman who drowned at sea as the first Godmasters. The death of Devil Z causes Mega and Giga's death by extension. Cancer cries over the second death of Mega and Giga with grief.

The newborn Ginrai tells the newborn Overlord that they will go back to space together and finish their fight. Overlord says he will defeat Ginrai for Giga and Mega, as well as in honor of Decepticons. The newborn Transformers then depart Earth with New Battleship Maximus after saying goodbye to the human.

The human and the four Autobot Pretenders are back to their normal life again. While the Decepticon Pretenders decide to become human.


Featured characters

(Numbers indicate order of appearance.)

Autobots Decepticons Devil Z

Items of note

  • Just how the battle between the Autobots and the Decepticons started isn't known, again.
  • The Devil Z's physical head on the right side is called The Head of the Heaven, while the other one is called The Head of the Earth.
  • The Autobot Headmasters never pilot Godbomber since the beginning of the issue.
  • Again, Grand never makes his physical appearance in the episode. Only his battleship shows up.
  • According to a panel near the end of the issue, Giga and Mega possibly committed a lover's suicide before they were chosen to become Godmasters by Devil Z. Considering this is a comic for children, the description only mentions that they fell into the sea and died.
  • The are some difference about the newborn Transformers between the Masterforce anime and manga. For example, the newborn Decepticons look not so evil at all in the manga. Also, the newborn Doubleclouder seems to be an Autobot instead of a Decepticon in the manga.
  • Special moves in this issue:
    • Grear Super-Soul Perfect Transform Attack (Human Godmasters, Headmaster Juniors, Autobot Pretenders)