Furman's head, or surface of Cybertron? You decide!

The Best of Simon Furman is a trade paperback published by IDW Publishing. The TPB consists of reprinted stories composed by Simon Furman over his long career with the Transformers brand.


The Best of Simon Furman compiles material that spans 20 years, including material from the Marvel UK era and Furman's transfer to the Marvel U.S. book, as well as a few stories from Generation 2. Furman's return to Transformers after an 8-year gap is represented by his Dreamwave inclusions. Three stories from his current run with IDW is also represented.


Items of note

  • This collection actually spans five different continuities; only the Marvel stories are within a single continuity.
  • All stories except one represent Generation One continuities of some sort, including Beast Wars. "Worlds Collide" is from Armada.
  • There were some other stories originally advertised but replaced during the compiling of the collection. These include mostly Marvel UK stories: "The Wrath of Guardian!"/"The Wrath of Grimlock!" (#31–32), "Way of the Warrior" (#237), "Survival Run" (#238), "A Savage Place!" (#239) and "Out to Lunch!" (#240). Also pitched was BotCon 1997 story, "Ground Zero". These appear to have been replaced with "Surrender!", Spotlight: Shockwave and some background pitch and script material. [1]
  • This is a fine source for the study of Furmanisms.

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