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Battle of the Bands.

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"New Supreme Commander Star Convoy: Great Operation!" is the Transformers: The Battlestars manga special released in 1991 as a tie-in with the Return of Convoy franchise in Japan. Only a single manga special was produced, with the rest of the Return of Convoy storyline being told through a series of story pages.


Out in space, Sky Garry is handling a number of Galaman and Novaroid warriors with relative ease, while Grandus is heading an assault on the Decepticon base at Planet Lucifer. Their search for Super Megatron so far being fruitless, they suddenly deduce that their foe must be heading toward Earth. Realizing their folly, Sky Garry contacts Star Convoy.

Way over in the Darkness Nebula, Dark Nova snickers over the thought of Super Megatron wringing every last drop of energy out of planet Earth. At an off-shore oil station, Super Megatron and his Galaman drones are doing just that. With energon cubes in hand, Super Megatron prepares to celebrate his victory by dining on the delicious humans being held hostage. As he licks one up and down with his tongue (!?), his meal is cut short by the arrival of Sixliner. Not amused, Super Megatron makes short work of the troublesome upstart.


Before there was Legion, there was...

Before Super Megatron can return to his meal, he's once again interrupted, this time by Star Convoy! After he tells Super Megatron that he's about as "super" as a "supermarket", the two tussle, with Star Convoy naturally coming out on top. Enraged, Super Megatron transforms to his jet mode and strafes Star Convoy. Star Convoy then transforms to truck mode and lures Super Megatron away. He manages to trick his foe into crashing headfirst into a massive oil tank, then ignites the whole thing with his Galaxy Bomber attack. Defeated, Super Megatron flees the scene of the crime, swearing vengeance.

Later, Star Convoy apologizes to the humans for destroying their oil, but they forgive him and thank him for their safety. Sixliner then swoons over how cool Star Convoy is and hopes to one day be as a great a warrior as he is.


  • Super Megatron has a tongue? Was that a part of Dark Nova's upgrade? The fact that he has "S&M" tattooed on his forehead only makes matters creepier.
  • This manga takes place more or less in the middle of the Return of Convoy series of story pages. There were many events leading up to the birth of Star Convoy and many more events taking place after this adventure.

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