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Ginrai has formally become the Autobot Supreme Commander, but the mixed Decepticon combiner team shows up.

Japanese title: "戦闘開始!地球・宇宙連合軍"


During summer vacation, Ginrai takes the train to the Athenia with the Headmaster Juniors and the Godmasters in order to take over the position of Autobot Supreme Commander from Fortress. After handing over the duty to Ginrai, Fortress heads back to Master, leaving Chromedome in charge of Athenia.

However, the Decepticons raid Athenia by that night, forcing Autobots to scramble. It is revealed that the Decepticons on Earth have teamed up with those in space.

Lightfoot tasks the Headmaster Juniors and Sixknight with the rescue operation. He then joins the battle to back Ginrai up.

Turtler appears with the chosen Decepticons from various combiner teams, including Dead End, Brawl, Blast Off, Cutthroat, Tentakil, and Lobclaw. They soon combine into Scramble 7, the strongest Decepticon combiner. He immediately defeats Chromedome and Raiden with ease by his overwhelming power. Ginrai then combines with the Battle Station to form Super Ginrai and teams up with Ranger and Road King, who pilot the Cannon Crafters. By using their Jinchōkon Power, Scramble 7 is immediately smashed and screams.

After defeating Scramble 7, the Decepticon United Troops of Earth and Space show up with BlackZarak in the air. They tell the Autobots that they have been united under the command of Devil Z and they are heading back to Earth to wait for the Autobots.

Fortress then shows up and tells Ginrai that the Autobots on Earth must team up with those in space in order to initiate Project Bomber.


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Items of note

  • Optmus Prime's statue is carved with the title "Commander Convoy" — in Japanese. Well, it's weird in some way.
  • This issue is the only Masterforce fiction featuring Turtler's humanoid form.
  • Ranger and Road King only show up in their Master Suits, piloting the Cannon Crafters in this episode.
  • According to Ginrai's line, "You guys don't have the soul of human within after all!", the Jinchōkon Power seem to be far more powerful than any Transformer. Hey, what about the power of the spark? Oh, never mind.
  • Fortress had gone back to Master, but shows up again after the battle with Scramble 7. Maybe his ship is equipped with a pretty good engine.
  • This is the only issue of the Super-God Masterforce manga featuring Sixknight.
  • Chromedome is the only one who shows up in both Masterforce anime and manga among the recurring characters.
  • Special moves in this issue:
    • Super-Soul Magma Vulcan (Super Ginrai with Ranger and Road King)
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