The Decepticons party like it's 1990.

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Marvel UK issue #270Edit

Writer: Simon Furman
Pencils: Pete Knifton
Inks: Michael Eve
Lettering: Glib

  • Originally published: 12th May 1990. Cover date ("off sale") 19th May 1990.


The Decepticons have called an Enclave - a special truce between warring factions to meet, discuss differences and resolve them. The Autobots call such an event the Bad Guy's Ball. With a Decepticon Civil War looming, Megatron and Shockwave are seeking to unite against the Earthforce. So they hold a grand party at which Megatron and Shockwave agree that unity is the logical way to destroy the Autobots. The Autobots have come to the same conclusion and so Jazz, Sunstreaker, Bumblebee and Ironhide have been sent to derail the proposed alliance.

First Jazz sneaks up to Headstrong and knocks him out. Then Sunstreaker and Ironhide fire upon Megatron from afar whilst Jazz and Bumblebee throw Headstrong from the roof to land at Megatron's feet. Soundwave notes that Headstrong's blaster has been fired and deduces that the assassin is one of Shockwave's troops. Megatron turns on Shockwave, accusing him of calling the Enclave to assassinate him. Shockwave disputes this but the two Decepticon armies turn on each other.

After they have all gone, Jazz notes the oil and energon snacks are still there and starts to party!


Items of noteEdit

  • Ravage eats from a dog bowl.


  • This story was reprinted in the Titan Books trade paperback "Fallen Star".
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