Warpath's not even trying to hit him!

The Autobots Are Under Attack! was one of a series of pack-in flyers advertising toys for sale via mail. It offered discontinued toys from the 1984-1985 line.

Preceded by: Digital Doom on the Highway to Destruction
Release date: 1988
Characters (in order of appearance): Thundercracker, Warpath, Hubcap, Cosmos


The Autobots' fuel is running low in the wake of a Decepticon attack. A squad of Autobots goes out to search for new energy sources. But their plans are uncovered, and the Decepticons (well, Thundercracker, at least) launch a sneak attack.

The text then places the reader in the unusual position of having to decide if the Autobots will complete their mission. But... who are we to play God?!

Item available in this brochure included:

  • Megatron ($21.50 + 5 robot points)
  • Thundercracker ($10 + 2 robot points)
  • Reflector ($10 + 2 robot points)
  • Wheeljack ($8 + 2 robot points)
  • Mirage ($8 + 2 robot points)
  • Ratchet ($8 + 2 robot points)
  • Sunstreaker ($8 + 2 robot points)
  • Cosmos ($3.50 + 1 robot point)
  • Warpath ($3.50 + 1 robot point)
  • Cliffjumper ($3.50 + 1 robot point)
  • S.T.A.R.S. membership ($5.00)


  • In both the battle illustration and the toy advertisement, Hubcap is still shown in Cliffjumper's place. In fact, you received Hubcap instead of Cliffjumper if you sent away for him.


  • The pass where Thundercracker ambushes the Autobots looks suspiciously familiar. Do the Decepticons just hang out there all day waiting for Autobots to drive past?
  • Notes with the toy advertisements provide some further implications as to the background and outcome of the battle. Reflector was the one who discovered the Autobots' plan, while Megatron was "the mastermind behind the Decepticons' evil attack." It would seem that Sunstreaker, Ratchet, Mirage and Wheeljack were sent as reinforcements.
  • Ratchet "tackles the enemy with metal-rending fury!"
  • Seven Autobots, one Decepticon. Man, it sucks to be Thundercracker.
  • Optimus Prime has disappeared from the toys offered, presumably to avoid competing with his Powermaster toy which was then hitting shelves.
  • This flyer continues the "story", such as it is, started by previous S.T.A.R.S. advertisements. S.T.A.R.S. membership is among the premiums offered.
  • Offer expires December 31, 1988. Better hurry!
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