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When the Autobots perform a race for charity, the Decepticons take the opportunity to trap them in their vehicle modes.

  • Japanese title: "Stop the Transform!"

Detailed synopsis

A collection of character models gathers around the Decepticons' new weapon.

While watching a car race, Spike and Chip comment on how cool it would be to see the Autobots perform in a race as well.

Meanwhile, in an old west ghost town, the Constructicons have completed the Transfixatron, a new device that will lock a Transformer in the mode they currently occupy (usually vehicle mode). Laserbeak arrives, informing the Decepticons about the Autobot race.

Starscream complains that Megatron is wasting time with the device instead of leading an attack. In response, Megatron tests the device on his whiny subordinate, and it's a success. Starscream is stuck in jet mode and begs to be released, saying he'll do whatever Megatron wants and he's too valuable to the Decepticon cause. Megatron gets bored of Starscream's pleas and frees him. Satisfied with the test, Megatron orders the Constructicons to start working on a second device whose purpose will be revealed later.

The guy at the finish line wonders where the Hell his car went.

Chip and Spike suggest their race idea to the Autobots, and Optimus Prime agrees, as long as it's for charity. Huffer complains that it's a waste of time and a bad idea (as usual), but the Autobots decide to do it. Huffer, Brawn, Ratchet, and Wheeljack remain to guard the base.

The Autobots arrive at the track and wait at the starting line in robot mode before they compete "in the greatest automobile race in history." Some numbskull in the audience wonders aloud where their cars are. The Autobots transform, and the race is on with a whole lot of trash talk. Jazz, Sunstreaker and Mirage rush ahead of the slower vehicles like Trailbreaker and Ironhide.

Hey, look! Diaclone Sunstreaker!

During the race, Skywarp teleports to a position over the track and uses the Transfixatron on the Autobots, who don't notice. The Autobots near the finish line, but they're kicking up so much dust it's impossible to tell who won. "The real winners are us, folks!" says the announcer.

Next up, the Autobots line up to do some stunts and make "Evel Knievel look like a kiddie car driver," according to Spike. But Sunstreaker's attempt to jump the other Autobots falls short and he has to be saved by Windcharger's magnetic powers.

Before they can do anything else, the Decepticons arrive. The Autobots attempt to transform, only to find that they are all stuck in vehicle mode. Optimus orders the Autobots to ram the Decepticons, but they simply shoot out the Autobots' tires, fire rays to make their engines overheat and disable their radios. Helpless, the Autobots are herded away by the 'Cons.

Ironhide must have been giving a Japanese schoolgirl a ride.

Bumblebee takes Spike and Chip back to the base, hoping Ratchet and Wheeljack can figure a fix for the Transfixatron ray. As usual, Huffer complains, but a massive bearhug from Brawn gets him to shut up, while Ratchet and Wheeljack get to work.

At the ghost town, Megatron forces Optimus Prime to watch his soldiers die one by one in the Constructicons' second device, a horrific crushing machine, starting with Ironhide. The Autobot leader dispatches Roller to distract Megatron, allowing Prime to ram the crusher, which frees Ironhide. Hound manages to send a signal to Teletraan I, just as Ratchet and Wheeljack finish working on a device which will allow the Autobots to transform...a grenade. (Real good thinking there, guys.)

Dude, what are you doing? I wanted to push over the cripple.

Spike and the other Autobots arrive to save their comrades, but Soundwave dispatches Ravage and Rumble to deal with them. After a game of keep-away with the grenade, Chip manages to get it close enough to release its energy, allowing the Autobots to transform to robot mode.

The Constructicons form Devastator, but Cliffjumper and Wheeljack fire the Transfixatron at giant Decepticon, causing the Combiner to separate. The Decepticons retreat, and the Autobots destroy the Transfixatron.


Original airdate: October 31, 1985

Written by: Donald F. Glut

Notable quotes

"No, Megatron. You can't mean to-"
"What's a test without a guinea pig-o-tron? Transform, I say!"

Megatron selects Starscream as the test subject for his latest device.

"Well, guys, what's next? I'm for anything except demolition derbyin'."


"If you're going to do what I think Sunstreaker, you've got boom glitches in your brain garage."

Mirage's colorful terms for Transformer anatomy.

"I can't change back to my normal, handsome self!"

—Modest and humble Sunstreaker

"I just knew the race would be a bad idea, but would anyone listen to me? Oh, noooo!"
"Stifle it, Huffer, or I'll put my footio in your audio!!"

Huffer being an ass and Brawn looking to kick some.

"Ironic isn't it, Autobots, that after so many valiant battles, you will meet your end in the crushing jaws of this device so lovingly fashioned by my Constructicons."

Megatron's concept of irony is off.

"Later, guys. It's been really great knowin' ya."

—Headed for the crushing device, Ironhide accepts his fate.

"What is that?"
"I call it a TARGET!"

Thundercracker and Starscream spotting Roller.

"I'm transforming! I see my true beauty emerging!"


Other notes

Animation and/or technical glitches

  • Shockwave appears twice in this episode: first when Megatron is gloating about the Transfixatron, then when the Decepticons arrive at the race. Of course, it's possible that Shockwave came to Earth during this episode, but the idea of him just popping up and hanging around in the background seriously goes against the established notion that he always stays on Cybertron as its full-time guardian.

Chip Chase always did have the luck of the Irish.

  • When the Autobots are un-transfixed and transform into robot modes, Gears is colored like Brawn.
  • When Chip is trying to locate the Autobots, Teletraan I is colored green instead of orange.
  • When Spike, Chip, Bumblebee, Wheeljack and the other Autobots come to save Optimus Prime and the others Bumblebee is missing his head lights when he transforms into robot mode.
  • The commercial bumpers for the second act break feature the theme music for GI Joe, not Transformers. (This may be an error that is exclusive to the Rhino DVD sets.)

Continuity errors

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Transformers references

  • This is Roller's third and final appearance.
  • This is the first episode where the Transformers formally refer to themselves as Transformers.

Real-world references

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Miscellaneous trivia


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