Maximals and Predacons unite on two worlds to stop Shokaract and the rise of Unicron.


Under Shokaract's instruction, his heralds distribute Angolmois capsules to the crazed masses of Cybertron, with the intention of using the chaos and negative feelings to power the Anti-Matrix in Shokaract's chest. Observing the chaos is Big Convoy, who meets Bump, a "specialist" sent by Lio Convoy. Soon afterwards, Big Convoy and his soldiers meet the Pack, along with immigrants from Earth, including Ravage. Ravage chronally displaces himself to consult the time-lost Magmatron. Meanwhile, Lio Convoy requests that Bump study the Angolmois and create a retrovirus to counteract it—enough of it for all of Cybertron. In the netherspace, Magamtron proposes to Ravage a plan: Bring Shokaract to him so that he may be shown the true purpose of his "Ascending". He suggests getting a Maximal to do the suicide mission of placing the chronal phase facilitator on Shokaract himself.

On Earth, the Angolmois-drunk Razorbeast continues to battle the Blendtrons. Refusing to let the Blendtrons destroy them all, the left-behind Predacon and Maximal forces unite to take down the gigantic and powerful attackers. Optimus Minor checks on Razorbeast; he is still rational, but the Angolmois threatens his sanity. He tells Optimus Minor that he knows what to do then.

On Cybertron, Ravage has filled in the others about Magmatron's plan. Prowl II and Snarl are tasked with attaching the facilitator onto Shokaract, while others attack him to distract him. In the following battle, many die by Shokaract's hand. Back on Earth, Elephorca is destroyed by Razorbeast and Drancron is kicked into Rartorata's stinger, annihilating the both of them. The only challenge left is Razorbeast, who has now lost his inhibitions. Optimus Minor pleads with Razorbeast to not force his hand.

The battle against Shokaract goes as planned; Snarl and Prowl approach Shokaract while invisible, allowing Snarl to use the facilitator to transport Shokaract into Magmatron's netherspace. Shokaract's heralds, baffled by his disappearance, are distracted long enough for Ravage to throw a grenade their way, scattering them. Magmatron shows Shokaract his true propose: to be a vessel of Unicron. Aghast at this revelation, Shokaract rips the Anti-Matrix from his chest, committing "spectacular suicide". This causes a "timelash" that sets Magmatron back into normal space on Cybertron. He delivers the sad news—Razorbeast was euthanized.

Bump delivers the first batch of the anti-Angolmois retrovirus, but he needs a proper lab to mass-produce it. Observing the sorry state of Cybertron, Lio Convoy and Big Convoy hope that no threat comes up while they're focused on rebuilding.

Unfortunately, Megatron has arrived.

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  • Drill Nuts is mistakenly colored as Drill Bit in one scene as Shokaract's heralds attack him and Polar Claw.

Items of noteEdit

  • Guido Guidi was tasked with the art for this issue due to the departure of Don Figueroa from IDW Publishing. Don provided the art for a cover before he left, however.
  • On page 13, in the panel below the one in which Shokaract says "It begins." the head and shoulder of movie Optimus Prime is clearly visible.
  • Ramulus's line "Let us throw ourselves headlong into the fray!" somewhat parallels a line he spoke in Primeval Dawn—"Lead me to the fray!"
  • Optimus Minor's line "Better to burn out than to fade away" is a quote from the Neil Young song "My My Hey Hey".
  • Back when he wrote the Beast Machines section of Transformers: The Ultimate Guide, Simon Furman noted that Megatron was able to escape his shackles on the Maximals' shuttle because it hit a "time disturbance." While there is nothing in the actual show that supports this notion, it is apparent that the "timelash" induced by Shokaract's suicide in this issue is the disturbance in question.


In typical Furman fashion, many characters die in the battles against the Blendtrons and Shokaract. Those who die are:

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  • Cover A: Shokaract by Nick Roche
  • Cover B: Shokaract and minions by Don Figueroa
  • Cover RIA: Uncolored version of cover A
  • Cover RIB: Uncolored version of cover B


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