Earth is attacked by the Blendtrons as Shokaract gets closer to ascension.


On Cybertron, Big Convoy and his team have found a massive tower with high levels of Angolmois energy inside. Shokaract, aware of their presence, prepares to go deal with them himself. The Blendtrons protest, saying that his power is not yet stabilized, but Shokaract is impatient and dismisses their concerns. Emerging through the wall, Shokaract tears Tasmanian Kid in half and prepare to take on Big Convoy himself.

On Earth, Razorbeast is attacking Maximal and Predacon alike, mutated by Rartorata's Angolmois injection. Ravage tries to explain the situation to Lio Convoy, saying that the future of Cybertron depends on a truce between them.

On Cybertron, Big Convoy transforms into his spider tank mode to get up close and personal with Shokaract. Shokaract easily tears through Cohrada and Survive, but tells Big Convoy what will happen: Cybertron will become an extension of his will, and Shokaract will become a god. With that, he destroys Big Convoy and goes on to devastate Cybertron. Magmatron, watching everything in chronal phase, knows what will really happen: Shokaract will destroy most of Cybertron, and the survivors will kill each other before Unicron's resurrection.

On Earth, Lio Convoy agrees to a truce with Ravage's Predacons. The Maximals will deal with Razorbeast while the Predacons will take down Rartorata. As the Predacons down the Blendtron and extract some Angolmois from him, the Maximals manage to restrain Razorbeast. Lio tries to reason with him, and Razorbeast's personality manages to break through. Ravage says that they need to go now, but the other Blendtrons arrive. Razorbeast breaks through his binds and attacks—the Blendtrons. He urges the others to go, while he fights the Blendtrons himself. The most able of both forces go on Lio Convoy's transwarp cruiser, while the rest stay behind to help Razorbeast. Ravage says that they will need a scientist to make a retrovirus from the Angolmois that the Predacons extracted, and Lio Convoy happens to know one.

As before on Cybertron, Shokaract emerges from his tower and tears Tasmanian Kid in half,

NO! I want two!

but before he can do the same to Big Convoy, Lio Convoy's transwarp cruiser emerges, only to be shot down by Shokaract. Then, tears in space and time appear, announcing the coming of Shokaract's heralds, carrying enough Angolmois to ensure his rise to glory.

The Ascension has begun...


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  • When the Maximals are wrestling Razorbeast to the ground, Drill Bit is shown pegging stakes into the ground and complaining about their current lack of technology. This is more than likely supposed to actually be Drill Nuts, only mistakenly colored as Drill Bit.

Items of note

  • On the bottom left panel of the second to last page, a bridge has inscribed on it "GOODBYE EVERYBODY — DON", a sorrowful goodbye from Don Figueroa as this was his last Transformers comic work.

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