The secret battle between Ravage's Predacons and Razorbeast's Pack must cease in order to prevent Shokaract's ascension..


A disembodied Unicron commands his loyal servants to eliminate an rogue element in the timestream and to not tell the "vessel". He orders Rartorata to travel to prehistoric Earth to stop anyone from alerting of his coming.

On Earth, even with Torca and Grimlock, Ravage's Predacons have the advantage in the battle. Snarl calls Razorbeast outside to help fight, leaving Ravage inside the cave base, unaware that the Predacon is still functional. Using the Maximals' hardware, Ravage shifts his chronal placement to interact with the primary Beast Wars.

But before arriving in the same existence as Optimus Primal and Megatron's war, Ravage finds himself drawn out of time to Magmatron. Having seen the future, Magmatron explains to Ravage that a truce is in order to save Cybertron's future.

The Maximal Imperium, finding their society destabilized, (unaware of the effects Angolmois energy is having on the populace of Cybertron) call for help from Big Convoy. Big Convoy, however is too busy investigating a murder—one Angolmois junkie being killed so the Angolmois could be stolen. The theft of Angolmois was perpetrated by Drancron, Elephorca, and Rarotata so they could feed the energy to Shokaract.

Lio Convoy's Pack arrives through transwarp (having received Razorbeast's distress signal—thanks to Magmatron), ready to assist the group on Earth. They descend, changing the tide of battle with their heavy weaponry. But before the battle is over, Ravage shifts himself into their time and relays the news from Magmatron: the two sides must join forces. But before he can finish explaining, Rartorata swoops out and stings Razorbeast with something that mutates the Maximal into a pig... of rage!

Featured characters

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Maximals Predacons Others


  • Mark Bristow, the colorist of the previous issue, is incorrectly credited for the colors of this issue instead of Josh Burcham.
  • On the third page, Wolfang addresses one of his statements to himself, because the second two speech balloons (his and Bonecrusher's) are reversed.

Items of note

  • Stampy is shown holding a carrot while in the Maximal ship—apparently his "beast head" hand was hungry.
  • The Maximal ship used by The Pack seems to be loosely based on the Maximal symbol.
  • The murdered Angolmois junkie is the GoBot Pincher, albeit miscolored.

Covers (3)

  • Cover A: The Pack arrive by Don Figueroa
  • Cover B: Ravage attacks Optimus Primal by Nick Roche
  • Cover RI: Uncolored version of cover B


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