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Serpent O.R. moves forward in his plans to bring a quick end to Cybertron's era of peace and return the planet to its history of war.


With the Autobot peace ceremony compromised by attacking Decepticons, Optimus Prime takes action, helping to save an innocent from the falling Omega Supreme. Prime hitches a ride on the attacking Sixshot and crashes the Decepticon into Piranacon's face. Falling away from the explosion, Prime cushions his landing by landing on top of Astrotrain. With Astrotrain crushed, Prime attempts to escort an injured bystander to safety. But the innocent is soon stomped by Menasor, who holds Prime at gunpoint, while Viewfinder relays a holographic message from the Decepticons' new leader: Serpent O.R.

After Prime instructs the Autobots to hold their fire, Prime and Serpent O.R. come to a deal: the Decepticons will fall back if Prime remains their captive.

On Earth, in Cobra's Siberian base, Zartan and the Baroness spy on Cobra Commander. The Commander is aware of their eavesdropping but doesn't care, as he's more concerned with the activities of Serpent O.R.

On Cybertron, within the Decepticon base, Serpent O.R. consults his human prisoners Hawk and Roadblock. Roadblock doesn't accomplish much by punching Serpent O.R's metal armor. Serpent O.R. explains his problem to Hawk: although Serpent O.R. is able to obey his pre-programmed militaristic desires, he lacks personal emotional fulfillment from his successful conquests. Hawk concludes that the synthetic man's lack of emotion is because he has no personal investment; he is effectively a slave to his own programming.

In a nearby ammo case, Snake-Eyes meditates, until the guard Breakdown looks into Snake-Eye's eyes, falling victim to an Arashikage form of hypnotism that forces Breakdown to shoot the other guard (Nautilator), and free the captive humans.

Outside, Hot Rod organizes a large search and rescue party.

Meanwhile, at Decepticon HQ, Divebomb discusses how he's satisfied with Serpent O.R.'s leadership abilities. Rampage, however, just wants to relocate to Earth soon as possible, so he can start hunting humans. As they talk, the four freed Joes sneak behind the two Predacons.

Prime, chained up, is brought to Serpent O.R., who has a surprising amount of respect for the leader of his enemies. Serpent O.R. asks Prime if he thinks that he would be worthy of accessing the Autobot Matrix of Leadership, but Prime argues that Serpent O.R.'s inability to appreciate the preciousness of life renders him incompatible with the power of the Matrix as much as Megatron was. When Serpent O.R. is momentarily distracted by the escaping prisoners, Prime escapes his chains and attacks Serpent O.R. directly.

Elsewhere, the newly-liberated Autobots and Joes face a withering Decepticon assault. On Earth, G.I. Joe prepares to once again open their warpgate to Cybertron to send all the reinforcements they can muster.


Writer: Tim Seely
Pencils: Joe Ng, James Raiz & Alex Milne
Inks: Rob Ross, M3th & Alan Tam
Colors: Kevin Yan & Rob Ruffolo, with Tom Liu
Letters: Brian Crowley
Editor: Michael O'Sullivan
Udon Chief: Erik Ko

  • Release date: June 28, 2006

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Covers (3)

Art of War 4a

Ninjas, Dinosaurs and robots, a geek's dream!

  • Cover A: Grimlock and Snake-Eyes vs the Decepticons by Joe Ng, Espen Grundetjern and Tom Liu. Combines with the Cover A variant covers for issues 1–5 to form a single image.
  • Cover B: G.I. Joe vs Predaking by Josh Medors and Rob Ruffolo.
  • Udon Exclusive Cover: Destro and the Baroness with Soundwave and his cassettes by Joe Ng: Available at Conventions and on the Club Udon website. Combines with Club Udon variant covers for issues 1–5 to form a single image.


Art of War 4u

Destro is the true mack daddy.

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