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The son of Megatron... behold, Serpent O.R.!


The tyrannical Megatron, scourge of Cybertron and leader of the Decepticons, currently is deactivated, his head removed and is being mocked by Professor Martin. Martin's boss, Dr. Li, reprimands Martin for his antics. A scientific project to harvest Cybertronian technology and utilize it to develop a sentient earth-based peace-keeping weapon shouldn't be taken lightly.

Twelve stories above this secret development facility, the G.I. Joes Hawk, Mainframe, and Firewall prepare for their latest guests: Perceptor, Bumblebee, Grimlock and Arcee. When the Autobots arrive, Perceptor relays a message to Hawk from Optimus Prime; Prime explains that after Shockwave's downfall, Cybertron is enjoying a moment of peace, and as a precautionary measure, the four Autobots have been sent to Earth to prevent Cybertronian technology from falling into the wrong hands.

Roadblock, Snake-Eyes and Scarlett prepare to have one last game of tag in their giant mechs before the Autobots decommission them. Their exercise becomes genuine combat when a giant army of Battle Android Troopers led by Cobra Commander and Zartan attacks the Joes' base. The three Joes fight vigilantly, but are outclassed when Zartan gives the order for the B.A.T.s to combine into the gigantic Cobratron. Luckily, Hawk and the Autobots enter the battle and defeat the metal monstrosity.

Back underground, Zarana (disguised as 'Dr. Wise') communicates with Cobra Commander and reveals the location of the underground bunker by installing a signal beacon.

Bumblebee notices Zartan and the Commander sneaking away from the battle in a Buzz Boar and follows them into the secret development facility. But before Bumblebee can stop the Cobra agents, Zartan incapacitates the small Transformer. With the Autobot no longer a concern, Cobra Commander proceeds to free the scientist's masterpiece: Serpent O.R.

Serpent O.R. awakens and promptly tries to kill the Commander, forcing Zartan to neutralize the creature. Waking up quickly, Serpent O.R. unleashes his tendrils and tosses the three Cobra agents aside.

Above ground, G.I. Joe and the Autobots take care of the rest of Cobra's mechanical army, but then Mainframe contacts them with news of Cobra's entry into the underground facility.

After putting on some fashionable yellow body armor, Serpent O.R. plugs into Soundwave's nearby head and downloads information on the history of Cybertron. After evaluating his objectives, he determines what his goal must be: obtain the Matrix of Leadership.


Writer(s): Tim Seely
Pencils: Joe Ng
Inks: Rob Ross with M3th
Colors: Kevin Yan & Rob Ruffolo, with Tom Liu
Letters: Brian Crowley
Editor(s): Michael O'Sullivan
  • Originally published: March 8, 2006
  • Continuity: GI Joe vs the Transformers continuity

Featured charactersEdit

(Numbers indicate order of appearance.)

Autobots Decepticons Joes Cobras Others

Items of noteEdit

  • Firewall has an RiD Optimus Prime coffee mug.
  • The images in Soundwave's memory are very fascinating. Normally readers wouldn't expect Soundwave to have memory of Unicron or Primal; however, since the G.I. Joe vs. the Transformers crossovers take place in their own continuity, the presence of these figures in Soundwave's memory isn't an error, but rather an indication of a differing history. It's possible that in this continuity, Soundwave has met Primal and Unicron.
  • Soundwave's history of Cybertron files include:
    • The Quintessons building the Transorganics
    • The pre-Transformers as gladiator and slave races
    • "Mechanoid worlds of junk"
    • A-3 becoming Alpha Trion
    • Megatron and Soundwave
    • Optimus Primal in his original Beast Wars body
    • Optimus Prime with the Matrix in his chest
    • A portion of Unicron's planet mode

Covers (4)Edit

  • Cover A: Bumblebee surrounded by Decepticons by Joe Ng, Espen Grundetjern and Tom Liu. Combines with the Cover A variant covers for issues 2–5 to form a single image.
  • Cover B: Bumblebee being beaten by Cobra members (poor Bumblebee) by Tim Seeley and Rob Ruffolo.
  • Cover C: Giant Optimus Prime (with plenty of Easter eggs) by Don Figueroa and Sunder Raj. Incentive: dealers were only able to order one copy of this cover for every 20 copies of covers A and B ordered.
  • Udon Exclusive Cover: Autobots and Joes by Joe Ng: Available at Conventions and on the Club Udon website. Combines with Club Udon variant covers for issues 2–5 to form a single image.


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