Bumblebee finds out there's someone who craves attention more than him, while Starscream meets Professor Princess.


"Attention Surplus Disorder"

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"Whatever Happened To Whatshiname?"

Featured characters

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Items of note

  • The issue consists of a main story, "Attention Surplus Disorder", and a backup strip entitled "Whatever Happened To Whatshisname?"

Covers (3)

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Specifics: Cover B and RI
  • Cover A: Colossus Rhodes battles Bumblebee and the police; art by Irineo Maramba & colors by Kersti Myrberg.
  • Cover B: Sentinel Prime looks over the Autobots on a chessboard; art by Marcelo Matere.
  • Incentive Cover RI: Bulkhead; art by ???.


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