Bumblebee finds out there's somebody who craves attention even more than he does, while Starscream gets a makeover from Professor Princess.


"Attention Surplus Disorder"

A used car salesman is broadcasting a commercial and slams his hand on the hood of a yellow car—which happens to be Bumblebee. Realizing he's on camera, Bee shows off while Prowl tries to stop him from drawing so much attention to himself. As they drive off, the Angry Archer attempts to rob the car lot, but is scared into submission by a Superhero named The Wraith. Bumblebee and Prowl return, however, and steal The Wraith's thunder, and expose him as a hack by revealing his mysterious secrets as technology broadcast from a van. The Wraith is humiliated on camera and the Autobots comically discuss the situation.

Later, The Wraith tries to stop Colossus Rhodes from escaping from prison, but Rhodes saw the broadcast and dumps The Wraith out of the van. Before The Wraith can be crushed however, he is saved by Bumblebee, who adds insult to injury by also defeating Rhodes. He then takes the attention The Wraith was once getting. The other Autobots arrive and the crowds ignore The Wraith to get the Autobots' autographs.

The Autobots quickly replace The Wraith as Detroit's new heroes. No longer are The Wraith's t-shirts and promotions noticed, and the final straw is when The Wraith's Alma Mater, the University of Michigan, snub him to feature a halftime show with Bumblebee (who's now sporting U of M's logo instead of an Autobot symbol), who is becoming even more conceited and attention-seeking than normal.

The Wraith seeks revenge by first tricking Bumblebee with a phony emergency and applying wheel clamps, which keep him from transforming. Next, The Wraith stages an attack by Bumblebee at the halftime show using holograms broadcast from the hover-billboard blimps (with his Autobot symbol). The Autobots see the fracas and contact Bumblebee, telling him to stand down, but he assures them he is not responsible, and breaks free of the clamps.

Meanwhile, The Wraith projects another hologram of himself defeating the holo-Bumblebee, claiming that his holo-form can damage circuitry. However, the real Bumblebee shows up, disabling the projectors on the blink projector. The Wraith attempts to crash the blimp into Bumblebee, but the other Autobots arrive, backing Bumblebee up and catching The Wraith.

The Wraith is demasked and taken away by Captain Fanzone, and Bumblebee expresses pity, saying that all he wanted was a little attention. Ironically, The Wraith is shown to be receiving all the attention he needs, in a straightjacket at a mental institution.

"Whatever Happened To Whatshisname?"

Starscream awakens, only to find himself lost in a forest. He flashes back to his fight with Optimus, and his body goes into stasis lock.

He is just wondering how things could possibly get any worse, and finds out when Professor Princess pops up in front of him with Powdered Sugar, wailing about how he is a naughty, violent, giant robot toy. Starscream orders her to help him restart his systems manually, but she blasts him in the face with a smiley face rainbow ray because he didn't say 'please', then holds him at laser-point.

Starscream tries a new tactic, sweet-talking Professor Princess, pleading nicely with her to help him. She agrees to help him, but informs him that she'll have to 'fix him up' first. Moments later Starscream is made up as pretty as they come, with garish makeup, hearts and a pink wig. When he rages at her to remove the 'abomnation', she blasts him again for not saying 'please'.

Fortunately for Starscream, the second blast is enough to reactivate some of his systems, and he is freed from stasis lock. He promptly grabs Professor Princess and prepares to incinerate her. Fortunately for her, she has prepared for this and warns Starscream that if either she OR Powdered Sugar is hurt, an image of his decorated face will be broadcast around the globe, and possibly even the galaxy. Starscream carefully puts her back down, requesting that they never speak of the incident ever again, and flies away... currently unaware that she has also vandalized decorated the backs of his wings with rainbows, stars and daisies.

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Starscream: "Never again will I take such pleasure as when I obliterate you into the tiny, pink grease stain that will forever deface this forest!"
Professor Princess: Okey-Dokey... but... Should any harm befall me or Powdered Sugar, this pretty picture will be automatically broadcast over every communication system around the globe. Maybe even the galaxy."
Starscream: "...Let us never speak of this again, child."


  • Despite the main focus of Cover B, Sentinel Prime does not actually appear inside this issue.

Items of note


Covers (3)

  • Cover A: Colossus Rhodes battles Bumblebee and the police.
Art: Irineo Maramba
Colors: Kersti Myrberg
  • Cover B: Sentinel Prime looks over the Autobots on a chessboard.
Art: Marcelo Matere
  • Incentive Cover RI: Bulkhead.
Art: ???


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