A million stellar cycles of peace is threatened when the Transformers and the AllSpark arrive on Earth.


Ultra Magnus informs the Elite Guard of the current situation as regards to Optimus Prime's crew, the AllSpark, the Decepticons, and their subsequent disappearance. He confirms that there are search and rescue crews at work, but as yet they have found nothing.

On Earth, Optimus is in stasis, dreaming of his battle with Megatron, where he was the only thing standing between the Decepticon overlord and ultimate power.

On the Decepticon colony New Kaon, Blitzwing hosts Megatron's funeral, having erected a monument to his leader. He vows rememberance, horrible crushing vengeance... and of course, the painting of mustaches (I wonder how they even KNOW about mustaches).

In Iacon, Sentinel Prime is forced to deliver the eulogy at the funeral of Optimus' crew. His thoughts contrast his words - it's clear that even 50 years previous to the series he was a jerk. Afterward, Longarm Prime pushes that they continue the search for Optimus - and the Allspark - but Sentinel insists that the Allspark isn't meant to be found.

Meanwhile, in New Kaon, Lugnut refuses to accept Megatron's death, insisting with every fanatic bolt in his body that Megatron is still online. He calls Blitzwing a traitor for accepting it, and destroys Blitzwing's meticulously carved monument. The two of them begin to fight.

On Earth, Isaac Sumdac discovers Megatron's head, and in a montage of the next 50 years, progresses from simple attempts at reverse engineering to the establishment of Sumdac Systems.

And now, 50 years later, the Autobots awaken, and meet Sari, establishing themselves as Detroit's new heroes as they dizzolve the nano-bug thing. A dying Prowl is shown thinking about the many regrets in his memory core and wishing he could act differently - though we don't see what his regrets are. Sari then repairs him.

On the Nemesis, Starscream is reviewing footage of the Autobots at work and enjoying memory footage of watching Megatron get blown up, when an intruder alert goes off. Blackarachnia arrives, and during a scuffle offers to team up. Starscream declines and Blackarachnia makes her escape, placing a tracer on him. The distraction causes Starscream to miss a proximity warning, and he promptly crashes into the Moon. It seems Blackarachnia can survive space and a fall to Earth, though it's not explained how and we're probably better off not thinking about it.

Bulkhead is shown thinking about how the Autobot repair crew are treated like heroes on Earth, and showing an interest in human art, even this early on.

Sometime later, Starscream attacks, and during the battle, the AllSpark is briefly opened. The resulting energy burst is detected by both the Autobots and the Decepticons, and the two groups make tracks for Earth.

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Icy Blitzwing: "It is vith heavy sparks zat ve vho proudly display ze Decepticon symbol must learn to accept ze inevitable conclusion, however unpleasant... Our leader has fallen. Megatron is no more. Rest assured, he vill not be forgotten."
Hothead Blitzwing: "But first ve vill CRUSH ze miserable Autobot scum responsible for destroying him!"
Random Blitzwing: "Oooh! And zen ve'll paint mustaches on zeir faceplates! Mustaches are funny! Hahahahahaha!"
—No funeral is safe sane when Blitzwing is around.


  • Both Sentinel and Longarm bear the wrong symbol, with Longarm wearing the Elite Guard emblem, and Sentinel possessing the standard Autobrand.

Items of note


  • The plot is a retelling of "Transform and Roll Out", but from different perspectives and with many additional details.

Covers (3)

Art: Alex Milne
Colors: Josh Perez
  • Cover B: The Autobots's half of the RI cover.
Art: Marcelo Matere
  • Incentive Cover RI: Front to back cover of the Autobots and Sari, versus the Decepticons and the Angry Archer.
Art: Marcelo Matere


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