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Issue #1 cover

Transformers Animated: The Arrival is a 6(?)-issue mini-series published by IDW Publishing, debuting in August 2008, and set in the Transformers Animated continuity. So far, each story seems to be mostly self-contained and non-conflicting with the cartoon. Some stories take place before the cartoon, while other take place during it.

The Arrival issues:
#1 | #2 | #3 | #4 | #5 | #6


This section covers fiction that is ongoing. It will be added to as the story progresses. If it isn't current, you can help by updating it.

Optimus Prime's Space Bridge repair crew encounters Megatron, and all are lost in the Space Bridge. Both the Autobots and Decepticons deliver eulogies for their lost comrades. On Earth, Isaac Sumdac discovers Megatron's head, and over time, progresses from simple attempts at reverse engineering to the establishment of Sumdac Systems. The Autobots awaken, and meet Sari, establishing themselves as Detroit's new heroes. The Arrival issue 1

Starscream refuses to team up with Blackarachnia, but during scuffle, crashes into the Earth's Moon. Later, he makes his way to Earth and attacks the Autobots, and during the battle, the AllSpark is briefly opened. The resulting energy burst is detected by both the Autobots and the Decepticons, and the two groups make tracks for Earth. The Arrival issue 1

As Angry Archer attempts to rob a used car lot, he is foiled by a Superhero named The Wraith. Bumblebee steals The Wraith's thunder however, and exposes him as a hack. The Wraith seeks revenge by staging a phony attack by Bumblebee at a football game, causing the Autobots to intervene. The Wraith is caught and sent to an insane asylum. Attention Surplus Disorder

After his battle with Optimus, Starscream is in temporary stasis lock, and has an embarrassing encounter with Professor Princess, who accidentally reactivates him. Whatever Happened To Whatshisname?

Optimus Prime and his crew clash with a new female super villain named Stilleto. During the Great Wars, a young field tech named Ratchet must wrestle with his decision to treat a wounded Decepticon. The Arrival issue 3

Creative team

The Arrival is written by Marty Isenberg and drawn by Dario Brizuela. Isenberg is also the story editor for the Animated cartoon and has written several episodes. Marcelo Matere provided art for a backup strip on issue #2.

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