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The ark II cover

God Ginrai and his pet tabby...his tabby of DEATH!

Transformers: The Ark II — A Compendium Japanese Character Designs is a follow-up volume to the first Ark book featuring Japanese character models. Authors Jim Sorenson and Bill Forster covered all major Japanese Generation One series: The Headmasters, Masterforce, Victory, Zone, Battlestars, and Operation Combination. Nick Roche penciled and inked the cover, colored by Josh Burcham.

It is put out by IDW Publishing. Despite having an even narrower audience base than the first volume, it broke #10,000 on's sales rankings.(Jul-10-08)

ISBN 1600101809


  • The cover features God Ginrai and Victory Leo—the same character, intentionally evoking similar imagery to the cover of the first Ark, the creation of Galvatron.[1]
  • Of interest, this volume includes an unused character model for a grown-up Chip Chase which would have been used in Headmasters... Come to think about it, whatever happened to that kid? Or the kid who stole Tracks that one time?
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