Peace on Cybertron! Or is it?


Ultra Magnus recounts to an image of Optimus Prime of all the hard work and effort and sheer strength of character that was needed for Ultra Magnus to fill the void left by Optimus, after Optimus sacrificed himself to remove Megatron from the equation. The resentment in Ultra Magnus' words is almost tangible. Grimlock arrives and announces that it's time for the ceremony to finalize the peace between four of the six factions.

On Moon Alpha, Starscream rallies the Predacons, explaining that their plan is to crash the ceremony.

Live from the new High Council pavilions, Slamdance broadcasts from the Chamber of the Ancients, where the apprentice council members will fill the void left by the previous council after their murder. At the same time, a holographic projection of Slamdance broadcasts from Tyger Pax where the four assembled leaders will essentially shake hands. Grimlock admits to Ultra Magnus that there is a potential security problem with the arrangements.

The Decepticons and Ultracons arrive, with Barrage displaying some lingering hostile feelings. Ultra Magnus begins a speech, but Shockwave makes it clear that the Decepticons' surrender is just their manner of cutting their losses. Slamdance described how the ceremony deactivates the weaponry in each faction's storage, and stores energy from the four leaders in a ceremonial spherical containment field.

Swoop radios to Grimlock, reporting a pair of rapidly incoming transports. When it's evident the transports are loaded with explosives, Grimlock commands Wheeljack to initiate protocol Hydra-Nine, but that doesn't stop the transports from exploding.

Slamdance loses the signal from Tyger Pax, but has something more important to worry about: Starscream breaks into the chamber and executes the new Council.

The rest of the Predacons stand in the area leveled by the explosion, but when the smoke clears, the Autobots and Decepticons emerge ready to fight back against their assailants. Their survival is attributed to smart thinking on Grimlock's behalf; he expanded the energy field used to hold the leader's energy into a shield to protect the leaders. Ultra Magnus says that now the remaining insurgents won't be able to do any real harm. As if on cue, a sniper shot from Motormaster tears through the shielding and is headed right for Magnus. Grimlock sees the shot and steps in to take the hit instead of the Autobot leader.

With Grimlock down, Wheeljack and the three remaining leaders suddenly find themselves surrounded by an army of soldiers similar in design to Starscream, but they are actually the Aerospace Extermination Squadron. A plethora of drones loyal to Megatron!

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And there I'd be revealed, the pretender-to-the-throne...

—Ultra Magnus

Me... peace...


Items of note

Covers (5)

  • Wraparound cover; pencils by Joe Ng.
  • The Turbomasters; pencils by Don Figueroa.
  • Clone warriors over a fallen Grimlock; pencils by Pat Lee.
  • Dynamic Forces regular cover, also by Pat Lee.
  • Dynamic Forces blue foil cover, limited to 500 copies.


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