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Specifics: Fiction
The name or term Terrorsaur refers to more than one character or idea. For a list of other meanings, see Terrorsaur (disambiguation).

Power-hungry and opportunistic, but distinctly lacking in the courage and intelligence department, Terrorsaur never misses a chance to improve his standing within the Predacons. From cutting deals with Maximals to finding and keeping new power sources for himself, Terrorsaur is always thinking two steps ahead. Unfortunately, the big guns of the Beast Wars are usually thinking at least four steps ahead, and Terrorsaur always ends up on the short end. Terrorsaur, like Starscream before him, had a tendency to defy Megatron's command.

Japanese name: Terrorsaurer (テラザウラー, te-ra-za-u-rā)
French name (Canada): Dinomenace
Chinese name (Taiwan): Yì-lúng (翼龍, "Pterosaur")
Italian name: Metal Terrorsaur (Transmetal)
Spanish name: Terrorsaurio
German name: Terrorsaurus


Cartoon continuity

Theft of the Golden Disk

While the Predacon Megatron stole the Maximal relic, the Golden Disk, the Predacon who would later call himself Terrorsaur, along with the future Waspinator and Buzzbomb, secured a getaway ship. They were meant to be working for Cryotek—however, Megatron had his own agenda that "Terrorsaur" was in on and Buzzbomb wasn't. True to form, "Terrorsaur" shot Buzzbomb in the back. Theft of the Golden Disk

Dawn of Future's Past

Don't let him name your stolen ship.

"Terrorsaur" and "Waspinator" stole the Predacon gang's ship. The two had a contest to decide who would get to name the ship, and "Terrorsaur" won. He settled on Darksyde, though Megatron agreed that the loser's suggested name, Buzzerbot, would have been more desirable.

Picking up the rest of their group, with the Golden Disk in tow, they left Cybertron's orbit. After a space battle with the Axalon, the Chromia 10, and an unidentified Predacon ship, both the Axalon and the Darksyde entered a transwarp portal to an undisclosed time and place. Dawn of Future's Past

Beast Wars

Voice Actor: Doug Parker (English), Nobuo Tobita (Japanese), Marcos Henrique Melo Hailer (Portuguese)

One of the original members of Megatron's crew that stole the Golden Disk, Terrorsaur usually teamed up with Waspinator to act as the Predacons' air power. Due to their partnership and Terrorsaur once retrieving Waspinator from rock burial despite being within range of an angry Dinobot, they would appear to be friendly with each other (not too surprising when everyone else is a dim-witted kiss-up or a crazy lunatic scientist)

Throughout the Beast Wars Terrorsaur turned on Megatron at the drop of a hat, and was willing to team up with anyone who suggested doing so. Dinobot, Rattrap, and an evil Rhinox each took a turn "teaming up" with Terrorsaur in his efforts. Equal Measures Double Jeopardy Dark Designs In "Double Jeopardy" Megatron exposed Terrorsaur's incompetence to the rest of the Predacons, which made any remote possibility of them ever wanting to work for him even more remote.

Terrorsaur's shining moment came when he discovered a floating mountain with an unstable cache of energon that super charged his frame and allowed him to easily depose Megatron. However, the power boost was brief in duration, and the Maximals were able to destroy the floating mountain before Terrorsaur could implement any of his grand designs. Even worse, none of the Predacons followed his lead, with Tarantulas trying to take control of the mountain for himself and Scorponok and Waspinator bringing Megatron back online while Terrorsaur and Tarantulas were absent. Power Surge

Eventually, after being beaten back into line after each attempted takeover, Terrorsaur seemed to resign himself to his station... or, at least, decided to bide his time.

Terrorsaur's Beast Wars adventures came to an end when he was knocked into a lava pool by the quantum surge that resulted from the Planet Buster's destruction. Aftermath

Beast Wars Metals Manga

Beast Wars Playstation Game

Terrorsaur flew rescue missions, using his flight capabilities to rescue captured Predacons from the Maximals' prison ships.

Beast Wars: Transmetals

In one timeline, a Transmetal Terrorsaur took control from Megatron and won the Beast Wars. Unfortunately for the other Predacons, he loved being leader too much to bother leaving Earth - and the Ice Age froze them all. Whoops. Beast Wars: Transmetals

3H Universe Comics

Terrorsaur (or an alternate-universe incarnation of him) was one of the many Cybertronians kidnapped from his timestream by agents of Unicron and held in the Cauldron. Terrorsaur escaped and (presumably) returned to his timestream thanks to the efforts of Trailbreaker and Silverbolt.


Beast Wars

  • Terrorsaur (Basic)
Japanese ID number: D-5
Part of the first wave of Beast Wars toys, Terrorsaur transforms from an organic pteranodon to robot mode with a spring-loaded one-step transformation. In Japan, there are two different versions of this toy: one nearly identical to the Hasbro version, another with a more show-like coloration, lacking the green spots and purple paint, adding yellow to its beak and lightening the black plastic to gray.
This mold was later used for Fractyl, Hydra, Lazorbeak and Dinobots Terranotron.
  • Terrorsaur (Deluxe Transmetal)
Japanese ID number: D-43
Transmetal Terrorsaur transforms into a robotic pteranodon. It has a third "vehicle" mode; reconfiguring its wings and revealing VTOL fans, plus its tail section splits open to reveal twin thruster engines. In robot mode, its wing-tips detach to form blade weapons.
This mold was later redecoed and slightly retooled to make Beast Machines Terranotron, and then redecoed and retooled differently to make Armada Terrorsaur. The mold was also the base model for the non-toy characters of Wreckers Fractyl and Armada Ravenus.


  • A Kabaya "candy toy" version of Terrorsaur was made available in Japan. Since he was gang molded with the other three toys in the assortment, this unpainted plastic kit was mainly peach and yellow.
  • An adorable "super-deformed" magnet of Terrorsaur was made as part of a set of show-cast Beast Wars magnets in Japan.


  • Terrorsaur apparently knows how to disarm a bomb (if he has enough time), since in "Equal Measures" Megatron orders him to disarm the Maximal bomb that was sent into the Predacon base.
  • As Terrorsaur was dying in lava, his hand was briefly seen glowing, indicating that Terrorsaur was going through transmetalization. This was probably included as a "Trap Door" so the writers could resurrect Terrorsaur or Scorponok if they needed them later.
  • Terrorsaur's CGI model in "Theft of the Golden Disk" is based on Skyblast with a new head design. However, his CGI model is slightly different from his appearance in "Dawn of Future's Past".
  • Terrorsaur is the first known contributor to the plight of the Bald Eagle, by eating one.
  • When Terrorsaur falls into the lava, the last we see of him is his hand sinking into the lava. This is a reference to Terminator 2.
  • Terrorsaur seems to be the Starscream of the Beast Wars series. Doug Parker, his voice actor, also played Starscream in the episode "Possession", which may explain why Terrorsaur didn't have many lines in that episode. Incidentally, Terrorsaur observed Waspinator being taken over by Starscream.

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