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The Terrorcons are a Decepticon sub-group from the Generation One continuity family.

We're the only seven-headed combiner group, blagh! blagh!

Sometimes it's hard to take the Terrorcons seriously. Even for Decepticons, they've got a bunch of personality problems, not to mention a lack of decency. Individually, they're not much, and it's not very hard to outsmart them. One on one, an Autobot would probably win.

Then you actually meet the Terrorcons as a group, and you pray that Primus has mercy on you, because the Terrorcons sure as hell won't. They'll kill you for a bunch of reasons: orders, sport, boredom, a dare. They're not what you'd call soldiers, warriors, or even brawlers. They're animals, and they bring that thought pattern to everything they do, including their choice of altmodes, which are the forms of frightening beasts. They're all positively insane.

The Terrorcons consist of:

They combine to form the incredibly destructive (but surprisingly cute) Abominus.

"Terrorcons, fight everyobody! Rrarrr!"
―Hun-Gurrr[["Call of the Primitives"| [src]]]

Japanese name: Terrortron


Cartoon continuity


Prince has really bulked up.

The Terrorcons accompanied Galvatron to acquire anti-electrons from Unicron's disembodied head. During the adventure, they were attacked by Rodimus Prime, Ultra Magnus, and Kup. They managed to get the upper hand, but were quickly attacked by the newly made Technobots. The Terrorcons formed Abominus, but thanks to the sacrifice of Grimlock's super intelligence, the Technobots formed Computron, and defeated the Terrorcons. Grimlock's New Brain

The Terrorcons were among the employ of the Quintessons, attacking rogue trader Dirk Manus. At some point, the Quintessons have installed an automatic timer on one or all of the Terrorcons, limiting the time they can spend combined as Abominus. Money Is Everything

The Terrorcons were part of the Primitives summoned to fight Tornadron. During the interaction with the Primitives, Hun-Gurrr picked fights with everyone for any possible reason. While stuck on the world of Primacron's assistant, the Terrorcons attempted to fight Tornadron, albeit in their beast modes and not in the combined form of Abominus. This was actually not an entirely unreasonable tactic, given that Tornadron just sucked the energy out of Predaking. It didn't work, though. Call of the Primitives

Marvel comics continuity


Run away! Run -- no wait. Run toward! Run toward!

The Terrorcons were among the many Decepticons under the command of Scorponok on Cybertron. Ring of Hate! They journeyed with their squad to the world of Nebulos, in pursuit of Fortress Maximus's Autobots. The mighty warrior Blot was chosen to participate in the Decepticons' initial attack on the Nebulans and Autobots in the capital city of Koraja. Broken Glass!

On Nebulos, the Terrorcons had a terrific time terrorizing organic creatures in the city of Splendora, till the Technobots showed up and kicked their tails. Combining into Abominus didn't help much, as it basically provided Computron with a larger target. Love and Steel!

The Terrorcons later traveled with Scorponok to the Mercury Gardens of Melanossus in response to an Autobot sighting there. The newly-minted Targetmaster Autobots proved to be a fair match for them; only the Autobots' concern for the Gardens' well-being ended the battle, as they retreated to prevent further damage to them. Brothers in Armor!!

The Terrorcons, along with the rest of the Decepticons, left Nebulos soon after, journeying to the planet Earth. Trial by Fire! There they participated in various battles, most notably against Ratbat's forces, Cold War! then briefly against an Autobot force under Optimus Prime's command. Shortly thereafter, they were deactivated by the Underbase-empowered Starscream and not seen again. Dark Star

Marvel UK Future Timelines

After Soundwave took command of the Decepticons, the Terrorcons were part of Soundwave's elite soldiers, accompanying him to the past during the Time Wars snafu.

IDW comics continuity

The Terrorcons are Sixshot's biggest fans. They hope to one day be as powerful and feared as the Decepticons' number one mercenary. They are also the closest thing Sixshot has to "friends", as every other Decepticon is scared to death of the guy. The Terrorcons go on a mission to Mumu-Obscura where they are taken prisoner by Deathbringer and the Reapers. Sixshot comes to their rescue, and though he is tempted to join the Reapers after Deathbringer extends an offer, Sixshot refuses to pass the final test for membership: kill the Terrorcons. The Reapers accept Sixshot's rejection and allow him to leave with his "friends". Spotlight: Sixshot



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