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This article is about the Energon Decepticon subgroup. For the Generation One Decepticon subgroup, see Terrorcon (G1).

The Terrorcons are a Decepticon subgroup in the Unicron Trilogy continuity family.

The Terrorcons are a special class of Decepticons. Though some are fully sentient Transformers, the majority are little more than expendable, mass-produced drones. Terrorcon altmodes generally take the form of robotic beasts. There is a bird mode that looks very familiar, and a jaguar mode, which also looks familiar.

The Terrorcons of the Energon Battles have an unusual ability, shared with the Omnicons, to handle and process raw energon, from which they can create energon weapons or power-booster cells known as Energon stars.


Energon comic[]

Following the end of the Autobot/Decepticon war, Scorponok organized the Terrorcons as a neo-Decepticon faction bent on restarting the great war. Scorponok made a deal with Alpha Quintesson, in which the group would help the Quintesson to achieve its ends in exchange for Hyper Power abilities drawn from Unicron himself. Through unknown means, the Terrorcons Battle Ravage, Cruellock, Divebomb, and Insecticon were later granted the ability to create mass-produced duplicates of themselves, which could be employed as combat drones.

Known Members

Animated continuity[]

Energon cartoon[]

Known Terrorcon types:

Cybertron comic[]

Ramjet and Nemesis Prime employ a horde of reprogrammed Scrapmetal.

Cybertron cartoon[]

During the fight to save Cybertron from the Unicron Singularity, a new type of Terrorcon would appear: the verminous Scrapmetal.

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