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Hot Rod and Kup encounter the Quintessons and Sharkticons while Ultra Magnus' group meets the Junkions.


Hot Rod is trapped in metallic seaweed and facing aggressive fish in the strange ocean. He retracts his hand for a saw blade and frees himself before rescuing Kup from a giant octopus. After repairing Kup, they travel for a bit before they are captured by a strange group of robots who lock them up in a cell. There they meet Kranix, who tells them about the Quintessons and Sharkticons of this planet, as well as the fact that Unicron destroyed his planet. Kranix is soon sentenced to death. As the Dinobots search for Kup and Hot Rod, they encounter Wheelie, who agrees to lead them to their friends.

Meanwhile, Ultra Magnus' crew crash lands on Junk while Unicron informs Galvatron that Ultra Magnus is on Junk and orders him to destroy Magnus and the Matrix. Galvatron's forces attack and blow up Magnus, allowing him to retrieve the Matrix, which he plans to use to enslave Unicron.

Hot Rod and Kup are sentenced to death and dropped in the Sharkticons' pool, but they use their speed to escape and attack the Sharkticons. When things look grim, the Dinobots arrive with Wheelie and eliminate the remaining Sharkticons. Together they find the Quintessons' ship, which they take to Junk and save Ultra Magnus' crew from the Junkions. They make peace with the Junkions, who repair Magnus. Unfortunately he reports that Galvatron has the Matrix.

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Covers (2)

  • Regular Cover: Hot Rod and Kup vs. the Sharkticons by Don Figueroa and Josh Burcham
  • Retailer Incentive: Uncolored sketch of regular cover