This article is about the exclusive Dinobots-series Autobot. For the Beast Machines Dinobot, see Terranotron (BM).

Terranotron is an Autobot from an unidentified continuity.

I think you need a few more Autobot sigils, dude.

Terranotron is one of the mighty Dinobots. Sometimes he forgets his own name.

Note: Initial shipments of the Dinobots toys gave Terranotron the name "Swoop". This was changed fairly quickly.



  • Grimlock & Terranotron (Deluxe 2-pack, 2003)
Terranotron is a redeco of the original Beast Wars Terrorsaur, tranforming from organic pterodactyl to robot mode with a single-step, spring-loaded transformation. He was available only in a Wal*Mart exclusive two-pack with Grimlock.
This mold is also used by Lazorbeak, Fractyl, and Hydra.

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