This article is about the Beast Machines Dinobot. For the Wal*Mart excluisve Dinobot, see Terranotron (Dinobots).

Terranotron is a Dinobot from the Beast Machines portion of the Generation One continuity family.

Like most Northwest Air pilots, he has a rum & Coke before the flight.

Terranotron is an arrogant hot shot. He's an excellent flier, has a stealth coating, takes out squadrons of Vehicon jet drones by himself then finishes up by carpet bombing patrols of tank drones. Understandably, he thinks his ground-based teamates are losers, but he's able to work well in a team when he has to.


Universe: The Wreckers comics

The Dinobots were sent to an unnamed planet by the Oracle, in order to awaken the "sleeping giant" for a mysterious purpose. However, the mission was a fool's errand, arranged by the Quintessons and designed to destroy the Dinobots; the planet was the world where one of their most dangerous creations ever remained a prisoner, the energy-draining Trans-Organic creature known as the Dweller.

Terranotron was part of an advance scouting group with fellow flier Airraptor and was one of the few Dinobots who survived the battle. He and the other survivors were later seen hooking up with Devcon at Spaceport CSSB-16 in order to track down the Wreckers' betrayer, Cyclonus.


Beast Machines

  • Terranotron (Deluxe, 2001)
Terranotron is a brown, grey, tan and red redeco and slight retool of the Beast Wars Predacon Transmetal Terrorsaur. He has a third "vehicle" configuration, vaguely resembling a VTOL jet.
The original mold was separately retooled for Armada Terrorsaur. A hybrid of the two retoolings was used as the basis for the non-toy character Ravenus, incorporating both the Powerlinx ports added to the Armada retool and the spark crystal featured on the Beast Machines retool.

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