Terragator is happy in the swampy environment that both aspects of his beast mode call home. His amphibious nature means Maximals must be on guard on land and in the water.


IDW Beast Wars comics

Magmatron came to prehistoric Earth to create an army from the Axalon's abandoned protoforms. Terragator was presumably among the protoforms that were successfully turned into Predacons. Magmatron ordered his forces to seek out the Maximal spy Razorbeast and his small group. Within a few days, the Predacons had located the Maximal base and engaged. During that battle, Terragator got stomped by Polar Claw. The Maximals won, and the surviving Predacons were driven into the wilderness. The Gathering Terragator later participated in a last ditch attempt to attack the Maximal base and was promptly stomped by Grimlock. The Ascending


Beast Wars

  • Terragator (Basic, 1998)
Terragator, a Fuzor, transforms into an alligator/turtle mix. In robot mode, his shell becomes a removable shield and his tail forms what is quite possibly the oddest weapon ever, since his beast-mode rear legs are attached to it by ball-joints. In beast mode, pushing the shell forward would open the gator's mouth, though doing so was rather tricky, what with the shoulder joint in the back of his skull and what-not.

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