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Use this template when there are only two uses for the term in question in order to refer to the other article. This avoids the neccessity of creating a dedicated disambiguation page. If there are more than two uses, a disambiguation page will be needed.

For example, if the term in question is "Foo", the article named Foo should be about the more common usage of the term. At the top of the article, place this template to refer to the other article, which would be called something like "Foo (bar)". The template should also be placed at the top of the secondary article.

This template accepts three arguments. To use the arguments, place pipes after you include the template, like:

{{Template:Disambig2|this article's topic|
the other article's topic|Other article name}}

As a concrete example, on the page Armada:

{{Template:Disambig2|the franchise called '''Armada'''|
the nameless Transformer in TF:TM|Armada (G1)}}

Depending on how you phrase your arguments, you will quite likely need to include the word "the" at the beginning of each of them in order to make the sentence proper. The template is written without "the" included to make it more flexible. Please remember to use the "preview" button and check your work before saving any page you modify.

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