{{Template:Comicnav|series|issuenumber|seriesname=prettyname|prev=previssue|next=nextissue|series2=secondserieslink|seriesname2=secondseriestitle |issuenumber2=reprintissues|prev2=previssue|next2=nextissue }}

The {{Template:Comicnav}} template is used to create basic navigation for a comic book, pointing to the previous and next issues, and allowing you to 'jump up' to an article about the series in general.

Markup is similar (but slightly less friendly than) {{episodenav}}.

Required Values

{{Template:Comicnav}} requires two values separated by pipes, and can accept 3 additional named values.

First value: Overall series link
Second value: Issue #. (If you provide a #, the template adds 'issue' before it. If not a number, it simply uses the value you provide, useful for Annuals.)

So to create a navigation box for Blackthorne Publishing's The Test, in the The Transformers in 3-D series, you would use: {{Template:Comicnav|The Transformers in 3-D|1}}.

This results in:

The Transformers in 3-D > Issue #1

Optional Values

Prev: Link to a previous issue.
Next: Link to the next issue.
Seriesname: Text to display instead of the series link (first value)
Seriesname2: Text for second series. This field must have a value to include the second series
Series2: 2nd series link. Include when the 2nd printing was in a different series
Prev2: Link to a previous issue for 2nd printing.
Next2: Link to the next issue for 2nd printing.

So, returning to The Test, it's the first issue, so there will be no prev, but we can set a next value, and though The Transformers in 3-D is the title of the series- the series is commonly referred to as 'Blackthorne's TF series,' so let's make the seriesname 'Blackthorne'.
{{Template:Comicnav|The Transformers in 3-D|1|next=Transformers in 3-D issue 2|seriesname=Blackthorne}}

Blackthorne > Issue #1
Next Issue

Prev2 and Next2 are included for the Marvel UK comics for linking to the previous and next issues for when the story splits off from the US comic or for reprints in the UK comic of UK stories.

For The Enemy Within!, which was printed twice in the original UK run, you would use

{{Template:Comicnav|The Transformers (Marvel Comics)|Issues #s 13 - 17|seriesname=Marvel UK|prev=Man of Iron!|next=Raiders of the Last Ark|seriesname2=Reprint|issuenumber2=Issue #s 308 - 317|prev2=In the National Interest|next2=The Big Shutdown! }}

Marvel UK > Issues #s 13 - 17
Previous Issue Next Issue
Reprint > Issue #s 308 - 317
Previous Issue Next Issue

For The New Order, where the preceding comic depended on which side of the pond you were on:

{{Template:Comicnav|The Transformers (Marvel Comics)|5|seriesname=Marvel US|prev=The Last Stand|next=The Worse of Two Evils!|series2=The Transformers (Marvel Comics)|seriesname2=Marvel UK|issuenumber2=Issue #s 22 - 23|prev2=Raiders of the Last Arc|next2=The Worse of Two Evils! }}

Marvel US > Issue #5
Previous Issue Next Issue
Marvel UK > Issue #s 22 - 23
Previous Issue Next Issue's easier than it looks, just crib from another page that has it set up.

Multiple Stories in 1 issue

Rob Powers has created a set of guidelines for navigation box 'priority' in the Marvel UK stories to make navigating these often not-quite-in-sequence storylines as intuitive as possible. They're worth a look.

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